Should have listened

House and wealth are an inheritance from fathers, But a prudent wife is from the LORD says the Holy Book, and it’s so true. I tell you why,

The last time I ever did the so called ‘facial’ was on my wedding day, that was 6 years ago, and since then no ‘man’ has touched my face. You heard it right, Nope! I don’t visit the barbers anymore because as the years have progressed, hair has become a extinct species, so instead of wasting money on barbers I have been doing it myself.

And since there is not much ‘up there’ to pay attention to i hardly pay attention to my face , in fact some days I don’t even see myself in the mirror ….. BIG MISTAKE … i woke one morning ( last week) and happened to come across the mirror and what do i see? i had a huge blackhead right on the tip of my nose , and my nose being the only prized possession on my ugly face i panicked OH ME GOD !!! and in that panic, start to mess with it despite of the constant plea from my prudent wife “DON’T DO IT, IT WILL BECOME A PERMANENT MARK” . (In fact she was saying it from her experience , she was the queen of pimples till few years ago, but now she looks radiant after the child birth )… anyhoo … i wasn’t listening, i jus wanted that darn black thing off my face and pinched it, poked it, dug it, sprayed it, cow barred it and did everything can and as she said it became a wound.

She said, NOW DON’T MESS WITH THE WOUND, let the wound heal, it will be OK.

But do I listen to a wise woman?


For the last couple of days i have messed up the healing wound and it looks even scarier. I look like a %#E%#%@* (fill in the blanks yourself)

Finally, I have given up and i have decided , time to visit a good barber and do the ‘facial’.



14 comments on “Should have listened

  1. Ha! A good facial scrub once or twice a week should prevent accumulation of white/black heads…

    Also, there are facial mask readily available in the market…you may want to try them every weekend! πŸ˜‰

    I hope the scare fades soon, anyway, there are a lot of ointments you can get to remove that…

    Now you know what is my other profession? Bleh

  2. mate you gotta visit the barbe every once in a while…I go every 2 weeks for facial :PpP so join the club πŸ™‚

    I hope you heal soon!

  3. BB : I know ! and learning …

    SkinnyBb: Patience is what i lack * sigh *

    Cat : i will , πŸ˜›

    Jay : Yep ! wounds do hurt!

    Esh : looool ! i know ,and i will henceforth !

    Shoush : you too ! lol ! i wll

    mariposa : Oi! i should have asked you before messing up ! had i known before about your other proffesion !

    Amu : sure Amu , i am searching a good one, cz my area has all (1KD )Indian barbers , unproffesional .

    Shosho : Nooo, i am not ! just the panic made me go crazy πŸ˜€

  4. Sometimes? If you got a prudent wife then listen to her all the time =p .. I have a small mark on my cheek from a previous black head, I messed with it but it was dry, and then it left a mark but it actually looks nice ’cause it’s like a small black dot,, I wish it were bigger =D

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