To my Dear Valentine

These are the very words iwant to tell you, so i sing them for you , I love you Droolster, Wish you a Happy Valentines Day . BTW Everyday is Valentines day with you , just that this one they have officially marked as V-Day

And to all my readers, the one’s who believe in Love and those who don’t ,…



16 comments on “To my Dear Valentine

  1. Orinjina : lol, thats OK, a time to love , a time to hate ..

    Ge6awee: 😛 , Same goes to you too !

    Shoush : Thanks,and have fun 😛

    Zombie-Commando : Yeaaah! Kenny ‘Pantera’ Rogers … he he !

    Don Veto : Thank you Sir,

    Sid : Welcome, 😛

    Amu: Insha Allah Next year you will, ANd thanks !

    JEwaira : Thanks ,Thanks, Thanks.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.. your loved ones and everyone else…. ever since I woke up Mika’s song EVERYBODY”S GONNA LOVE TODAY GONNA LOVE TODAY GONNA LOVE TODAY is in my head… 🙂

  3. Shosho : I agree , And thanks

    Mariposa: Well, it did include a lot of AJ, so we couldn’t go anywhere this year, NExt year he will be big and we will be able to go out for dinner 😦

    Ne: hee hee ! i wont ! God willing Next year u won’t be jealous!

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