What if ?

What will you do if that Saudi Incident happened to us?
What Incident?
Two babies were swapped at birth, they found out after four years and had to switch again..,
So What will you do if the Hospital called you and said that you have to return the baby and take your real son?
Will you be able to let go AJ for real AJ?
Noooo! i will not give my son!
Just in case if you are forced then?
You are mean ! Go to Hell! Don’t come to me with stupid topics like this….
By GreY Posted in AJ

14 comments on “What if ?

  1. why are you over thinking this man!! I am sure nothing went wrong and he is allllll yours and enshallah he will be safe n’ sound all the time and you have a baby girl yalla shoo hada!

  2. no way swap the baby… come on!! four years is a lot of time… (but didn’t they get sort of suspicious when the baby didn’t look like any of the parents… ?)

  3. I would not give them up for nothing! but I would however let them called “aunt & Uncle” just incase I needed them for medical reason!

    But the Baby Stays.. And A.J. is cuter than ever! Tell him Auntie Ne says Hello!!!

  4. Not to sound hypocritical but some necessary medical checks makes you prevent that from happening…for instance…my nephew…his Pedia requested for a thorough test on compatiblities and all a week after he got home…not to check if it was really my brother’s baby but bec it was a procedure…so, a week time is not that long to correct a wrong right? 😉 Yet, hospitals which commit errors like those should be CLOSE.

    More importantly…that case is not applicable to you!

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