I saw a Ghost last night

My father used to tell me his strange encounters with the the dead , how he had survived a tall ghost who tried to beat him on a highway and he had to drive his motorbike through his legs, i don’t know if it was any truth or not . I grew up in a village surrounded by thick jungle and heard stories of ‘ she got possesed, he saw a ghost , that house is haunted , there is a ghost on that hill stuff like that’ but i never experienced anything personally. But last night i did..

My wife , Drooley was asleep, AJ got up at 3am and started to cry. No matter what i did to comfort him , he was inconsolable, these days for some ‘strange reason’ he keeps staring at the wall next to the window, at times he cries , but most of the times laughs staring at the wall, Me and Drooley are thinking that it must be some kind of friendly poltergiest , Casper or something.

anyway back to the story, he was looking at the wall and crying bitterly , so i thought of changing place, so took him to the hall , put him on the sofa, sat next to him on the floor and dozed off, must have slept for couple of minutes and suddenly i heard huge footsteps and i woke up to see a figure in ‘white dress’ with hair scattered on its face rushing towards me in lightining speed , just the stuff shown on ‘Evid Dead’ and i screamed Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii ( mother)… And the figure came closer , caught hold of my shoulder…..shook my shoulder



It was the Droolster….

When i dozed off, AJ was crying and she heard his cry from the bedroom ( and i didn’t :D) so she came running to the hall , and she was wearning a white night dress .. it all happened so fast,sooo fast, it beat the living shit out of me,
Anyhoo… It was not a pleasent scene to face the ‘Drool monster’ in the morning … So embarassing.

Well to be honest , here is a confession ( to self) ” i am not as brave as i thought i used to be.”

16 comments on “I saw a Ghost last night

  1. wow Grey! I am glad you did not jump in fright you may have been on the couch for a couple nights, She would have looked like an angel, if you were not like sleeping while my Nephew was crying LOL!!!!!!

  2. ROFL…if only AJ jah a blog…the things HE could write about you two 😀

    BTW, you didn’t hear a crying baby right next to you but your wife heard him from the next room? tsk, tsk, tsk…men!!

  3. Chika: i could have been kicked out of this world with a heart attack 😀

    Mike : I second that *hope my wife doesn’t read comments section *

    Maya: hee hee !

    Jay : lool! i tried 😀

    Ne: she is an Angel, i had switched off the lights, thats why

    Intlxpat : he he !

    Mirror Polisher: he he ! i know,

    Shoush : lool! no i’m sure its the other way around, my wife looks like a ghost, i mean looked like one.

    Fa6ma: Not at that moment, it took an hour to get out of wet pants.

  4. About half-way, I was gonna say to myself, Grey believe in this stuff and serious about this post…then…the truth came out! Holy…sh*t! You crack me up!

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