I had a dream

I had a noonmare ( bad dream in the afternoon ) and thank G some dreams never come true, i dreamt that there was a massive earthquake and the whole city had succumbed to it, infact the entire city had fallen inside a huge crater.And the ridge had passed through my house, and i realised that droolster was at work and all the communication had disrupted, traffic was in chaos and everybody was running helter skelter.. … i woke up ! But that made me wonder , God forbid anything bad happen to us what is the back up plan? If i was in one place and my wife stuck somewhere else, and if there was no communication what so ever will we be lost forever?
Told her about my dream on the way back, told her, if ever something like this happens anywhere, stay where you are, i will come and pick you up,
She said OK,
Then i said, if i don’t come for two days that means i am dead, then you look for alternatives,
You should have seen the look on her face,
I pity her, she is stuck with me for this life time and she is enjoying it, except this one 😀

P.S : I missed you guys,
And to my Kuwaiti Darlings … Wish you a Very Happy National Day and Liberation Day, May God bless you and bring great prosparity to this wonderful land and its people.


9 comments on “I had a dream

  1. Hey there Grey!!!!!!! I have missed you! (Wifey, as friends only) LOL!! I just wanted to come by and check on you!

    Even tho that is a bad dream, it is wonderful to have someone to prepare life’s ins and outs with, and I am going to hang in there with my lent, thanks for checking on me!!

    G-D Bless

  2. Ne: Hey! i was read all your post, just couldnt post comment as i have decieded not to use office computer… AJ gives sweet kisses to aunt Ne!

    Jay : I know, damn busy and hell tired to blog!

    Shoush: Welcome, i am the King of nightmares … hee hee !

    Mariposa:lol! Droolster was having holidays and was usning the laptop for her office work so i didn’t get access and also i am soooo tired, … but back in the game now!

  3. Hmmm…. I think the plan kind of spontaneously comes to mind when you’re in the actual situation, no matter how much you plan … it will differ if got forbids such thing happens.

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