Real Men don’t cry, they whine.

I’ve been trying to write this post for last 4 hours but the little horror wouldn’t allow, finally now that he is asleep i want to tear open my heart tonight because im not at peace… the story goes like this
I Was having a normal convo with Kay my friend and some how it turned towards ‘fathers’ and it was really saddening to know that how Kay’s life changed because his father was a bloody torturer, some of the stories he told me brought tears in to my eyes, because i could relate to him, my father never liked me ( i’m sorry i have to do it here because i shut down my therapy blog) . First he was never there for me, then the time i spent with him i hated him, because it became hell on earth to live with a ‘mental’ drunkard in a one room kitchen house, there were no other rooms in the house to escape the mad man, we were there in front of his eyes listining to the cribbing and whining how his life went wrong because of the early demise of his mother and twin sister and how his brothers ill treated him and finally left him at a bus stop the day he passed 10th. We heard these stories a million times,he told us how greatful we should be to him because we are not begging on the streets like him, dare we confront him, he would beat the shit out of us. When i grew up i quit talking to him and became a rebel and the result …. i dropped out of school and became what i am today . WTF no regrets. Its life , Chalta hai!
Anyway the only good memory ( oh! he is still alive) of my dad i have is he stood by me durning my wedding , mom had out casted me for marrying ‘ the droolster’ because of the ‘caste’ thingy yet he stood by me because mom and Dad had married against the will of my Mom’s parents and he didn’t want to be a hypocrite. And he made my mom attend the wedding as well. Well things have been downside since then he resumed drinking once again and when i saw him next ( after 3 years) knife’s flew and lot’s of shit which i wouldn’t want to write here ( i miss my therapy blog). I swore to my self never to see his (dead) face again, and shut him out of my life totlly, Like son Like Father or whatever the crap that it is, he in turn never wished me when AJ was born, but sister told me that he has accessed my picasa albums and admires AJ everyday, Which makes my heart happy, not that he is going to get a second chance againg in this life, but as a token of appriciation for at some time in life he must have held be like i hold AJ today ( and also for the wedding favour) …….. I’m buying him a car. No regretts if it falls of a gorge.

Just out of curiosity … what is/was your father like?

And yeah you must watch this vid.. sooooo helpful.

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10 comments on “Real Men don’t cry, they whine.

  1. Poor AJ!! you do that to him now! LOL..

    I’m sad that you had to go through this but as you said no regrets, it made you the man you are today and from what we know about you, you appreciate family.. remember, no matter how nasty some parents are we owe them our lives so don’t be stingy showing the man some love 😉

    My dad.. he is nice, unless provoked! I got my share of the beating as I was younger but I had that coming because of the way I acted back then.. he’s calm in general and sweet

  2. Well, sounds to me like you know how NOT to be as a dad anyways.

    I can’t say any bad about my old man, he’s been an AWESOME dad.

  3. does that video really work? cause it could sure save me a LOT of time someday!

    sorry about your dad problems, my dad was ok.

  4. (huggles)

    Parents are like that. Many a times, they hide who they really truly are because they’re afraid of breaking down in front of us. They try so hard to be the backbone of the family and keep up the strong facade merely so that the family won’t collapse.

    Daddy is well.. daddy. We love each other, have our moments and stuff but there’re also bits when he just seems reckless and misunderstanding. I had to sell off everything I owed so I could get away. True, he wants to see me get settled down in life. I mean being 22, I’ve long passed the traditional threshold. Its not like the men who propose and stuff are bad- I’m just not interested in them. While they promised me sometime back that they’d allow me to choose the groom and stuff, things got icky in the end. I packed my bags and just got here recently. I miss Qatar and everyone there but hey.. c’est la vie, non?

    I got loads of beating from daddy 😛 Lol. But I deserved most of them when I was a lil kid- running around, stealing stuff, coming up with fake consent forms for various fieldtrips- the occasional international ones. Lol. I can’t help but giggle. I went to Pukhet, Bali, Malaysia, Hong Kong and stuff all in the name of school fieldtrips and debates. Damn! 😛 LOL! I was one nasty child 😀

    I miss them all already but I know they’ll come to their senses soon. I don’t hate them- they need their space for a bit to let reality hit them. 🙂

    You keep more of those therapeutic posts coming hon. You’re helping others in more ways than you know as you help yourself 🙂


  5. I am sorry to hear you went through all of this..

    as for my dad, well he’s sometimes calm sometimes not but he’s good at heart and very loving..

  6. i luv those penguins on ur sidebar.. i was just makin them go craazzzzyyy, they should design sumthin similar where the heads fall of the penguins head

  7. oh and btw.. i beleive that people that have had a hard life, and go thru alot become very strong people, and i can see ur a strong person..

  8. Grey, I am so sorry what you went through. Like many havbe said before me, you know how to be a good father, you have been a good father.

    A.J. Adores you already. All you have to do is keep on giving him the love and always be there for him! I already know you will..

    As for me and my father, we have a wonderful relationship. He is always there and will be as long as G-D lets him say on this earth. A.J. will have the same as me if not more!!! YOUR A GREAT DAD, and I have never met you, just through your words!


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