Effects of Waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Usually when i wake up i get from right side, YES ! i am superstious at times, but today i got up from my left, and said ‘i’m screwed’. Well it was true, first my increment is delayed, may be they are holding back because i was on vacation, second MIL calls while i was busy with customers, she was just writing the new episode of MIL vs SIL. Just when i was irritated my cousin sister Lilly calls, She was suppose to deliver her baby yesterday , everyday she has been taking rounds of the Govt Maternity Hospital and she was being sent back, this morning she started to get contractions and a little bleeding so she rushed to the Hospital and they sent her back again asking her to come ‘only when the water breaks’, when she called me it was 2pm, and she was crying in desperation because she had sever contractions and hospital wouldn’t take her in, i left work and picked her up, Lilly is beautiful girl but i swear to God i could not recognize her because her face had turned black and she couldn’t open her eyes even. Me, Lilly , Pat her husband and two of her friends got in my tiny car and sped to the hospital at 120K’s determind to either get her admitted or sleep at the hallway because she had started to bleed pretty bad. And you wouldn’t believe what the doctor said, ” how much did she bleed? May be a cup? Thats OK, you go home and come when the water breaks” , but the Ladies who were with Lilly raised thier voice and had her admitted at 4.30PM and she delivered a healthy boy at 6PM.
Thank God all went well, as for MIL i will deal with her later for messing up with me while i was at work…..
And yeah ! i will be careful to wake up from my right side anymore…


3 comments on “Effects of Waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

  1. Thats what happens when you don’t lay down your thingies earlier. When I can’t take crap anymore, I let them know. It gets some repeating to get it into their thick heads and stuff but they soon get it and will leave you the fuck alone. 🙂

    As to Lilly being sent back, I’m surprised they don’t follow even the most basic of protocols- one starts counting contractions! I mean what if there was a need for emergency C-section or what if there was a need to induce labour with the great oxytocin?! Idiots.

    Maybe you jinxed your day by starting it badly by going “oh shit.. i got off the wrong side of the bed!”? Thoughts create reality 😀

    Happy birthday to the lil kid 😛

  2. OH wow! I feel for Lilly and anyone else that goes to that hospital! Get up in the morning say a prayer and you day will go soooooo smooth! I think so anyway!!!

    Have a great day tomorrow!


  3. Maya : I wish i could, but i cant because of my wife, one of these days i will for sure.
    and here is another first hand story, my friends coleauge was at the same hospital and she was the one who noticed baby’s heart beat was flat, then they operated her without anastasia, and she was awake all the time when they cut her wide open , lucky for her both the mother and child survived.

    Ne: lol !thanks I am OK today, As for the Maternity hospital , they sent my wife back as well asking her to come on Jan 8, on our way back the water broke and we had to rush back and she deliverd the baby on Dec21. ( my car seat still has that huge stain :D) , the reason people go there is because its cheap Just KD2 where as private hospitals charge KD250 minimum for normal delivery and KD400+ for C section… thats the reason.

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