Anatomy of a fight

We had a misunderstanding, she was depressed over something else, and I had to go to the hospital with Lilly and the weekend got screwed, and there was silence and it lasted the whole night and the morning, didn’t utter a word when I went to drop her, as usual she never tries to amend things ,she knows I will call her because she knows me so well “ I can’t take mind games” . On the way back from her work I wanted to know WTF was wrong, I mean I can’t fight a cold war no knowing what did I do wrong, I had planned huge set of ‘bombs’ to bring her down … dropped some of them but they back fired pretty bad ( now ‘bombs’ are like “ you are just like your mother’ or ‘I will end up just like my father, you are driving me crazy’ etc, etc ) . Then I did the unthinkable when I realized that she was not giving up an inch over a fight that was not meant to be, I dropped the ultimate bomb, “ Get out of MY car” ( Made sure that we were in front of the house, don’t worry I am not yet bastard enough to drop my wife on the streets). Then I saw her face and I can’t explain, I wish I was dead for saying those words, but no retreat when you are fighting a battle you have no clue about. Then I sped away, on the way ABBA was playing SOS and I was in tears,and called her to tell I had planned all the bombers in advance and I was sorry,i didn’t mean them, she said she was sorry too for the ‘silent treatment’ she wasn’t mad at me to start with. Anyway I am yet to figure out WTF went wrong, because I am sure I didn’t do anything wrong …. Which makes me come up with the punch line “ Women! can’t live with them, can’t live without them”

Now suckup and watch the Vid

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19 comments on “Anatomy of a fight

  1. You men are morons you never know when to just leave us alone! the get out of the car remark a BIG NO NO! Never again in your life say it!

  2. Maybe it’s not you..maybe it’s something else! The woman needs a break! offff how could you tell her to get off the car? Never do it again! emm la7tha moo chenni zaffaitek? sorry sorry, you know, I am a woman after all!:p

  3. Or as they say in the movie True Lies “can’t live with ’em and can’t kill ’em!”

    GreY, especially for new mothers, life can be tough. Suddenly you have someone who is totally dependent on you, and that is on top of all your other normal responsibilities. Sometimes you remember the carefree “before baby” days and you feel so desperate, because you know you will never be that carefree again. Sometimes, it’s hormones kicking in, and sometimes it’s just the need for a little time to oneself.

    GREAT move, calling and apologizing profusely. My husband said as soon as he learned to apologize, right or wrong, everything went well between us!

  4. When I give the silent treatment, I’d be angry if X ignored and left me alone to boil!

    However, I need him to ask me gently what’s wrong, not coming at me with bombs in hand, I would have EXPLODED!

  5. GREY
    i cant believe u told her to get out

    < -- SLAP u should have just called her before dropping the bombs, cz in the end thats what happened anyway

  6. Ray: Thanks Man! only a man can understand the pain …

    Fourme: lol! i will never do it again i promise!

    Big Pearls : If something else she should have told me when i was asking for the millionth time, she didn’t not my fault, yet i end up saying sowwy!

    Intlxpat: i was suspectin post delivery depression but no she was stung by her mother and she was venting it out on me… 😀

    Glitter : lool! so you all are same! why you treat men with silence? ha ? ha ? ha?

    Esh: lol ! (offers the other cheek) I swear i called her but sometimes it’s better not to resolve issue’s over the phone, have some bad experience .

  7. If you men tried to figure out what is wrong with women, You would spend half of your relationship/marriage trying.

    We need our space just like you all need your time, we just need it more than you all!

    Get out of the Car? Oh the things that would be said and NOT done!


  8. Grey…allow me to say…bastard for dropping that ultimate bomb! I will speak in her behalf…that was OUCH! Tried that…and it was damn painful…didn’t matter if it was my fault then (I know women! LOL) I told him…I pray that you wake up one morning regretting what you did…LOL And THAT made him regret and feel guilt…so he got us a ticket to Europe! WooT! LOL

  9. I won’t get into how wrong you were- you already know you were.

    She doesn’t need her space. She needs a hug. She needs you to ask. She wants you to be perceptive and sensitive enough to know what she needs. She wants that oh-so-comforting hug. When you realise somethin’s amiss, ask. Hug her. She misses you. She missed you that weekend.

    Instead of asking what was wrong, you thought the ‘silent treatment’ was her move in inducing guilt or whatever. We women don’t play that game- not when we’re wives, mothers and career women.

    Open the eyes of your heart and allow yourself to see into hers and feel what she needs. She doesn’t need your sympathy- she needs your empathy.

  10. women are moody in nature, sometimes we need a break in order for us to cope with something…so men leave us alone, okay? BTW, telling your wife to get out of your car is one of the most stupid things that I read in your blog ever since…you were lucky she didn’t slap you!

  11. U shud hav given her some space and time before u blurted out ur “get out of MY car” comment!! 7aram!

    Update us!

  12. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the negativity in every blog I am visiting lately! That includes mine! I swear there is this bad-mood-bug that’s hovering above us! I have been struck by it too 

  13. Amu : i have no idea where is your comment , may be blogger ate it

    Ne : I apologise to the women of the world 😉

    Mariposa : What? You women are really confusing !

    Maya: lool ! i wish i could give that hug if she wanted , but sometimes she really cranks up ! no hugs work then 😀

    Rianne : lool dear, remember this is Grey’s Blog how wise do you expect me to be?

    Shoush : i know its haram but she really made me crazy

    Ansam : Hang in there sister, there is always sunshine after the rain ….

    Mike : lool! no , no black eyes yet!

  14. hahaha fights with no reason r just stupid. it was probably literally over nothing. just the hormones acting up.

  15. Elmohim things got better at the end (yeah coz I came at the end =p)..
    Bss I agree with what the girls said, women in general are the same but you should never generalize women to women. They still have their distinct personalities, o don’t tire yourself trying to figure all of us out, one on hand is a handful =D

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