Novalac Ac1 Crisis, Please HELP

Suddenly i am facing a crisis. Ammama our maid informed me that AJ’s milk was getting over, so i walked in to LULU center in shuwaik, NOVALAC AC 1 my baby’s milk…. couldn’t find it , so i went to CARREFOUR …. didn’t find …. slight panic … SULTAN CENTER being just around the corner…. NO! ..More panic…. Rushed to souk MIRA …. NO …. Frantic dash to CITY CENTRE….. OMG NO !….
OMG OMG WHAT I AM GONNA DO? I know how difficult it is to change baby formula, they get very cranky….
Finally one hopeless stop at MAIDAN HAWALLI (farah) Jamaiyya… Found three tins.. although the price read KD1.890 cashier said the new price is KD 2.330 . I paid with out a word …. It as been a mad morning, i have never faced something like this before… What are the odds the whole of Kuwait not having a single tin of Novalac AC1 all of a sudden? Is this a scam to raise price?
I think what my friend said was right … they are playing with price’s… “someone” is holding back the milk waiting to let the prices go up!
Please help! if you go to Jamiayya in your respected area and happend to find Novolac AC1 please let me know… My baby will bless you.

26 comments on “Novalac Ac1 Crisis, Please HELP

  1. Awww such a CUTE boy!!!

    Things like that could happen.. with my son, I breast-fed him for 9 moths before switching and he took it perfectly fine.. it depends on the child.. some kids can be cranky and some not..

    as for what is happening about prices I don’t know but its sooo foolish to play around with kids milk!!!

  2. I saw some at Mishref Co-op last I was there 3 days ago. My niece is on that stuff πŸ™‚

    This country is ridiculous, depriving people of their basic necessities, including the critical needs.

    (Not sure if the 1st comment posted or not. Sorry for any repeats)

  3. If it was only the co-ops it would be cuz they are boyotting certain products ffor raising prices.. But Lulu, City Center and Sultan?? I think it’s the distributer is holding off to increase demand

  4. It’s very sad, they’re raising prices of baby’s milk because they know you’ll keep buying it no matter what!

  5. Awww, ur baby looks so grateful that ur desperate search to find his milk has been successful. I’ll check our jam3iya and will let u know! πŸ™‚

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!! Look how precious he is?? That smile, HE IS SOOOO GONNA CHARM THEM GIRLS LATER!!

    I wish I was there to buy up all the milk for him!!


  7. Well the milk formulas are ridiculously increasing for all types and regardless of demands and availability. Many of my friends are complaining that the minimum increase is 500 Fils per tin.
    Damn those salaries increments, it’s better to live on an island living on coconuts, eating fish and sleeping under palms shades.

  8. I had the same problem last year with similac not available all over Kuwait. I contacted the distributor and he informed it was available in hawally jamaiah. The main reason at that time was due to introduction of new type and want to completely clear the old stock . You can also try in medical shops as they always have few tons available. Good luck.

  9. they also stopped selling those packed chicken breasts that you don’t have to clean…
    now its really difficult to cook…!!

  10. I will check if we have it in Qadsitya or Faiha Co-Op

    Baby AJ is getting big mashalla hehehehe bless his heart and that laugh

  11. Mashallaaah 3aleh πŸ˜€ He’s suck a lovely boy, bless him and your family Grey. I don’t know really about this milk, but I will try to remember the next time I’m in a Jam3iya!

  12. Thanks guys i was so overwhelmed by your response that i broke my promise not to use the office PC. Anyways i got two tins from AJ’s pediatricain. And he prescribed new milk i hope and pray that he will adjust to the new milk. Thanks once again for caring

    P.S : AJ is no saint he is a devil .. i am sleeping 5 hours a day because of him.

  13. your baby is so cute! He deseves more more milk, so next time buy for him enough so that you will not be panicked again…don’t worry I will inform you as soon as I will spot that milk!

  14. Yeah AJ is so cute I’m in love =D
    Luv babies laughing all the time!!

    In KSA we have small salary increase but the prices are rediculous! We haven’t yet received the increase, it was just a rumor when everything started =/

    Good luck with milk change,, should have never stopped breastfeeding,, I’m gonna do it just ’cause it’s free =p LOL!!

  15. well, once I shifted my dauhter to powder milk at the age of 1 and half yr old, I have faced this problem too often. Suddenly, the milk disappears from market. Either its short, or reappearing in a new packaging or anything else. I hate it to.

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