Immerse my ashes in the ocean oki?

Remember the dickhead who used to honke in ungodly hours to wake us up? Well he has settled down and honks no more, but we are facing a even serious menace, some kids are setting up bonfires with construction wood , right below my building and one of these days my house as well as the whole building is set to go on fire, whats disturbing is no one is doing anything about it, neither can i because i am new in this building , and now i am a family man sooo i don’t want to get involved in alrercations be it verbal. ( I no coward Oki?) Also as block10 Salmiya is filled with ‘baisaabs & family’ i don’t think anyone will raise a voice even if some ones car or house gets burned. God help us. Immerse my ashes in the ocean if i get burnt to ashes … Oki ?

6 comments on “Immerse my ashes in the ocean oki?

  1. Oh my…the building admin should be the one to do something…here authorities patrol the area and call people’s attention…isn’t it done there?

  2. Maya : lol! i remember the last one ‘ may your hands grow smaller and thousand of flee’s …. infest balls’ … i can’t remember on who’s blog you wrote that , but it has been my fav ever since. Yeah can use your help for sure 😀

    Mariposa : Building haris is a jerk, he’s useless anyways…

  3. They need a really good whippin, I know I would volunteer to do it! Why do people let their kids just go and do what they want? oh well I got the answer, at least they are not bothering them.

    Something needs to be done, they could really cause a tragic outcome if someone does not stop them… I am on my way! and I got lots of belts!!

    keep safe

    G-D bless

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