What about GreY?

Wonder what happened to me? Well i am pretty much around but latley have lost intrest in blogging, the reason? While i was enjoying my paternity leave of 60 days a lot changed in my company, the top brass changed, new faces and i have to start all over again from rock bottom because i am sure my ‘well wishers’ made sure that i was pushed to the bottom, but as they say a pen is mightier than the sword, God has blessed me with the skill of writing ( bleh) and i am using it well. They shouldn’t have messed with me in the first place,

Then i made a promise not to use the only computer we have at work, i don’t want to be caught blogging for a while, and at home i am busy with AJ and Drools. AJ can see us now and thats the most amazing , no matter how tired i am i forget all, but the Devil that he is, he keeps me awake till 2am, then i have to wake up at 7 to drop Drooley to work then resume to my work… so in all i am sleeping less than 5 hours . I am worried about the black patches around my eyes, if i wander near the ‘mental hospital’ they might straight jacket me assuming that i have escaped from the asylum.

Finally i bought AJ’s first toy, Hallmark suckers were day light robbing with astronomical prices, so i went to the ‘cheap store’ out side the mall and bought this and AJ seems to care less about the lable but very happy with his new toy.

So in summary , i am still around, i read your blogs for sure, forgive me if i don’t comment ( you know i am not suppose to read long posts right? it affects my brain) . I miss you all, i miss good old days of freedom, but nevertheless….. I love my life, wife , My son and My blogmates….. Keep in touch .


12 comments on “What about GreY?

  1. You are a real man,hubby and daddy. You are away because you are taking care of your family! I have some choice words for your work but I digress! LOL!!

    I am working on my post come over and get your award in a few!!

    Ahava(love) and G-D Bless you!

    Shalom, Ne

  2. Oh Grey, don’t start with me about crap at work…I can write a book about it! LOL

    I’ve been silent the past days too…had to saty in bed the whole time…just got back to work today and still not that well.

    And yes, you hate long posts…so that when I starts to ramble…and always stop because I remember YOU and god knows how many more others who just can’t stand a LONG post…LOL

    Enjoy your life…and spend the most with AJ…you only go through those moments once!

    Have a nice Wednesday!

  3. Want me to come over there and suplex those guys who are setting fires?

    Oh, and suplex your jerk workmates?

    I’ll do it you know!

  4. its ok dude, we know ur busy with the kid! just a few more weeks/months till hes old enough to take care of himself then youll be back here ignoring him and everyone else on the planet so you can face us, your faithful readers. dont worry, we understand 😉

  5. He’s soooo cute and growing mashalla.. and it seems like yesterday when you were blogging about your wife’s pregnancy, remember? Time flies..

  6. its great u got him a playgym they are very good for development of hand eye cordination and also build motor skills with babies being engaged with color and sound…

    I like AJ, he is the same age as my boy, hes adorable but why do you powder him up like a giesha all the time??? hes got an wonderful complexion so get over your own mental block about skin color before calling the whole world racist… our children will learn to be insecure about nonsense like this, this way. our parents wired us into this way of thinking cos they didnt know better. are we not any better than them???

  7. Anon : lol , i wonder why they invented baby powder, anyways .. i have nothing to do with the ‘powdering’ … AJ’s nanny comes from a remote village soewhere from the deep Jungles of India … try telling her 😛

    And yeah ! everyon is racist at some point or the other…

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