Some like it hot !

Enigma’s post reminded me of something , the other day , Thursday to be precise, Being the virtual mating day for all the ovulating boys and girls and Marina being the rendezvous point , teenage boys and girls were running here and there, ( this reminds me of the dog mating season back home , 10 dogs behind one bitch , only that we have crazed teenagers instead of dogs) anyways one of the over sexed boy goes a bit further and touches the busty girl , she looks back and then ……. SLAAAAAP ,
we heard it across the hall , and she yells at him K-Mom, K-Sis, Haiwan etc etc… and the boy who didn’t expect to be slapped in front of so many people must have peed in his pants and really took off zooooP ! . It was awesome to watch . I don’t think the boy will touch women ,even his mother, for years to come
BTW , just for curiosity , I’d like to know , have you faced similar situation like this?


16 comments on “Some like it hot !


    Never happened to me, I would probably do the same.

    Come to think about it, I did once smack a guy on his arm quite hard after he bumped into me (there was a platform on my left, so I couldn’t move away, but he could’ve moved but didn’t and bumped into me). I walked away leaving him with a very shocked look on his face.

  2. While I was reading the post, I was like something similar happened and I witnessed it! I was in high school at the time o it was at souq sharq!! And yp it was a slap as well!! I remember my friend saying something like: I so wana marry that girl!!

  3. Damn! He deserved it.

    It’s the damn literal meaning of اعتداء.

    Girls should expect this going to Marina, it’s scum center. Especially the sea side.

    I’ve seen it happen but in most cases the girl would either have a complete blank face not realizing what to do, or she’d giggle and walk away.

  4. Man if that happened to me I would shred him to pieces wouldn’t let him live to see another day !! Even though it seems like I won’t have the strength to do it but when I’m angry Damn boy hell breaks loose…

    Well done to the girl who slapped him!

  5. I try to avoid situations like those! There were those two girls about to have a cat fight, I quickly left their sight and heard the story later, teh scratched each other, one of them was bleeding and they used bad lang! I was so happy that I left

  6. i was with a close friend sometime ago, we were walking and that guy wont stop annoying, she stepped in front of him and slapped him and we moved on. she even wiped her hands with detol wet wipes after slapping him before doing anything else

  7. my GOD lol
    he deserved it but she was so ewwwwwww mean the slap was enough she didnt have to swear ..
    low class :S

  8. He is a haiwan I want to slap him too! But damn I wouldn’t do all that fuss I might talk but slap? Hmm I’m considering it seriously!!

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