I quit noon coffee

I quit coffee, not really but i did , some years ago i swore to quit coffee altogether, but that didn’t happen but now i have quit my noon coffee, call me crazy but i have fixed timings for coffee, 1 Bed coffee, 2 , Breakfast coffee, 3. Noon coffee , 4 . Evening coffee, 5 . 8pm coffee. i can’t miss the timings or else it gives me coldturkey , but for the last two days i am holding strong and i have quit my noon coffee. Yey!


11 comments on “I quit noon coffee

  1. I thought we can only take 2 cups of coffee a day…or our nutrients get drained fast… šŸ˜‰

    Try to balance it with water and vit. E.

  2. I dont have an addiction to anything!! hmmm that if you take out desser, ice cream, and frozen yogurt! What can I say! I have a sweet tooth

  3. Fa6ma : Good you over came coffee… i’ll follow suit soon InshaAllah.

    Big Pearls : I want to have just two coffee’s a day before my son grows up, i followed my dad with coffee, don’t want my son to copy me as a bad example.

    Ansam : loool! same here, i can eat tons of sweet and not be content with it ….

  4. Ohhh that is too much coffee!!

    I take one in the morning but not nesessarily everyday– but it has to be a cappuchno or a latte..

  5. I would loose it if I stopped my starbucks trip! Good luck with that, I have cut my evening coffee out because I just could not sleep!

    Good luck!


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