Fuck Metal … I’m going Pop !

Yesterday i read a piece on 80’s disco , i cant find the link, it was like how Metal heads back in the 70’s and 80’s secretely listened to Disco . Same here , i grew up listening to Pantera, Napalm Death , Annihilator, King Daimond , Sepultura and shit … I even took a 600 KM train trip to Madras to buy the dirt cheap Pirated Audio Tapes from the infamous Burma Bazar. ( mom found out anyways) And like all metalheads, even i thought people who listend to pop/R&B/techno should be beaten and whipped in the open . 😀 . But fuuuuuk ! times are a changin man ! i can’t listen to them anymore , i can’t listen at home cz my wife is a Hindi music fanatic and Metal is too loud because i have a kid at home, I can’t convert her , and i can’t play Metal in my car because, i almost met with accident listning to Metallica , Heavy Metal while driving is a BIG NO NO! (specially in Kuwait with all those road rage .. )and i can’t listen at work because we have to have soothing music so that customers don’t run away …. sooooo thats my Metal life . The END. GOODBYE, SAYONARA.
…. So fuckin what??? “If you can’t beat them… Join them” .. I am downloading shit load of BoyBands and Disco from this site. Gooooood bye Metal… It was not meant to be. *tears*
Long Live Rock n Roll man ! I will miss you ! and God i wish i was home to watch Megadeth’s Tour of India.

13 comments on “Fuck Metal … I’m going Pop !

  1. am not a metal fan but would to hear pop[mj]..but same thing happens here..cant play it loud when father is around[he is a yakshagana fan!]

  2. lol @ even i thought people who listened to pop/R&B/techno should be bearen and whipped in the open .
    will i hate metal music and i always wondered how ppl listen to these kind of music they are so loud :S

  3. Man I hate heavy metal!!

    Although, in the 80s it was better, like Def Leopard and Europe.. they have some decent music but not today’s crap music..

    Listen to your wife and get yourself a Bollywood Masala Tape (preferably shah rukh’s) and enjoy!

  4. I am a R&B fan, but Jazz is my life!! I love it! Heavy metal and all that stuff made my head hurt! LOL!!

    R&B live On!!!!

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