Dead Paws

Got down from the building with sleepy eyes , haven’t slept well last night. WTF do i see? A massive dog dead near the dustbin, i was like WTF ?? What kind of stupid fuck couldn’t see such a huge dog and ran over it….. Then i got closer to it ( sitting in my car.. i didn’t want a dead dog to pound on me) .. Took a closer look , there was something on its ass , gave a closer X-ray look and there was tag on its arse…written “MADE IN CHINA” …

12 comments on “Dead Paws

  1. haha, dude! i could see that it wasnt a real dog from 2 seconds looking at the picutre :p

    maybe you need new glasses

  2. Bu Ziyad : My dreams are scary ! not like this šŸ˜€

    Big Pearls : Oye !It looks fake because its a close up remember?

    Ne : hee hee !

    Hamitaf la B : That would be nasty , where is PAWS when you need them :P?

    Brocasera : No man ! Menaka Gandhi will not allow skinning of dogs !

    Ammaro : Oye ! Spoil sport ! šŸ˜€

    Amethyst : muhahahah !;)

    Ansam : Thanks šŸ˜€

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