Uno Dos Tres .. come whip my ass


Humans are social animals they say , i agree, humans are indeed social animals and men are just Animals , more closely related to dogs. Now you men don’t thrash me, let me explain with a story. I was watching the crowd as usual which is my favorite ‘timepass’ when there is no business, middle aged couple walk bye, handsome, semi bald male and good looking wife in hijab and two beautiful kids. Two teenage girls pass bye and the man undresses them with his eyes. more like a tailor taking the measurement of a curvey woman ( only without touching), While i was watching the man , his wife is notices as well . This is the most common behavioral neuoscience of men , including me ( at times).

Anyways point is men are animals or atleats can’t get rid of thier animal instincts, any man who says he never looks at another woman is a liar, needs to slapped. “There are no saints among men” , as long as blood rushes ”down there’… no matter how trained and well bread we are, when that hot chick comes bye ….. eyes twist , heads roll, toungues drool, etc etc…. but thats OK i say , if you are created that way accept it as an excuse but its OK only just as long as you don’t cross that ‘thin line called faithfulness and undress for real’ .
Dos : (Aother place another time )
She : This is why men have extra marrital affairs?
He: You are saying that i will have EM Affairs someday?
She: Yes!
He: If anyone will have EMA in this house that will be you !!
She: What? Thats mean ! How could you say such thing like that?
He: I don’t know ! why i have to be accused of something like that ?
She: Because you are a man! thats why!! you all men are just same !
He : Uh! eh?
Begin thrashing now Ladies!


8 comments on “Uno Dos Tres .. come whip my ass

  1. Hahaha, funny! So the catch is girls, we make sure when we go out…we make people drool so our bf/hubby gets busy covering us! LOL

  2. On the subject of men, I don’t think I should comment… But since I ummm and here…

    Men are freaking dogs, I mean I know not all of you, but a lot of them make you all look like a bunch of azzes!

    Men can be more secretive when they are looking at a girl in a very ummm undressing kind of way. I do however want my man to at least look in the girls direction so I know he is not liking the men! LOL!!!


  3. well… even though a man has a gorgous woman by his side… even if he doesn’t cheat.. his eyes are always wondering here and there… admit it! Its the truth!!!

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