Rudy Guiliani elected as Pakistani PM?

Gilani Vs Guiliani … The Amercian confusion . Specially if you are listning to CNN or VOA . Above is Rudy Guiliani ( ex NY mayor …pronounced as Jilliani )
This is Yousuf Gilani New PM of Pakistan ( Deliberatley misspelled by CNN/VOA as Jilliani to g give that Amreeki feeling i guess)

This is Grey , no relation to the twin brothers above , so does that make me Jrey?

Disclaimer : By no means this post is meant to offend Amreeki’s . Unlike Caleb, i am willing to sing ‘star sprangled banner’ ( even in reverse) if you want me to 😀 Now please lay me to rest i need to stop blogging stupid stuff like this.


9 comments on “Rudy Guiliani elected as Pakistani PM?

  1. I was thinking what the hell is Galiani doing to run as a Pakistani MP.

    The old fashioned “Jrey” posts 🙂

    I missed them.

  2. Broca : Thanks Man

    Big Pearl : Good for you ! world is so good when there is no CNN ( Continous Negetive News )

    Ne : Thanks Dear

    Shoush : Amreekian Rock!

    TOUCHE : Ol fashion Jrey is deing 😀

    Fourme : Saj Wallah?

  3. i can sing star spangled banner! honest! the word ‘bastards’ may come up once in a while though – vat to do!?

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