WTF? Me a sinner?

Those who scored high in Greed may have an extreme drive to accumulate wealth and to live an extravagant life. What they think of as necessary may be construed as excess by others. This can lead them to prioritize worldly possessions above other things, even their personal relationships.
OK so i am greedy ! sue me ! wait …. ‘they’ say greedy person will be soaked in boiling oil ! Here are some of the other punishments

Religious thought has it that in ancient times, each of the seven deadly sins was thought to have a specific, corresponding punishment in Hell.

They are as follows:

The prideful person was broken on the wheel. ( I know so many who will end up on the wheel )

The greedy person was soaked in boiling oil. ( Can i have some nuggets as well, i might hungry while boiling you know ! )

The slothful person was thrown into a pit of snakes.

The lustful person was smothered in fire and brimstone. ( why not cut off the genitals instead , a la John Bobbit in hell πŸ˜›)

The wrathful person was dismembered alive.

The gluttonous person was force-fed rats, toads, and snakes. ( be prepapred to eat chinese πŸ˜€)

The envious person was put in freezing water. ( Oi ! watch out girls! )



7 comments on “WTF? Me a sinner?

  1. I am carrying the sin of wrath! I need to get myself and my anger together huh? LOL!!

    You so do not seem sinful in the area a greed.

  2. Big Pearl : Innocent me! uhum ! right !

    Mariposa : lol! so you chose to freeze?

    Ne : Wrath is good ! i wonder how you will be when you are all wrathy?

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