Coming out of closet

OK finally i have decieded to come out of the closet, She was my celebrity crush . Boy i was so madly deeply in love with her , When “Don’t speak” was released i was a Gwen Stefani believer.. I still love her , in fact i tell my wife, ” there are only two women in my life, You and Gwen”.
Who is/was your celebrity Crush?


15 comments on “Coming out of closet

  1. question must have been “who ARE your celebrity crushes”?

    mine are
    1)Rakshita [regional-kannada]
    2)Ayesha takia [bollywood]
    3)Rachel weisz {hollywood}….etc!

  2. Wow!! I have a lot, but I am still sticking to Denzel Washington.. He really got to me in Training day! LOL!

    John Travolta, George Clooney,
    Hey I am straight But I think that Shakira is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. hmm.. i had a crush on at least one member of EVERY BOY BAND ON EARTH. and then all the teen actors as well.

    I still have crushes on celebrities by the way. My poor (future) husband..

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