Grrrrrrr !

The most lonley / boring / stupid people are those who go ‘window shopping’ to a mall on a Friday morning .


19 comments on “Grrrrrrr !

  1. let people do whatever they feel like as long as they aren’t hurting other ppl!!! they are better than a lot of others. Freedom!:p

  2. C’mon give them a break don’t judge others..
    how did you make that up? tell us what’s the story, what happened?

  3. I am all for window shopping ,i am generalizing , there are certain people who come every friday morning pull everything from the rack , try 100 pieces of clothes and then leave without saying thanks ! GRRRRRRRRRRR ! i dont mind people who come and go without harrasing the ‘ poor’ salesman ! Probably those people suffer from memory loss, its the same fuckin faces i see and its the same fuckin face they see ( mine) and yet they do what they have to do..

    * apologies to anyone who is hurt *

  4. Hey, You are talking about me..
    I am lonely tho! LOL!!! I am that one shopper you are talking about..

    Grey I am sorry!!!!
    Thank You!! I will have more courtesy

    I do thank some, but the bitches and stuff naw… They can go to hell! LOL!!


  5. window shopping for me is heart breaking. Too many things I’d love to buy but can;t afford, or just isn’t worth it.

    But I’love to go on friday morning to a mall for a walk. It’s so quiet.

  6. Mariposa : lol ! you need help ! Somebody call Dr Phill there is a shopoholic on the deck!

    Ne : looool! single , not you ! not you ! there are some serious losers in my mall !

    Sis for you : I am not against people walking in the mall , lol ! i was just talking about some perticular faces who visit the same shop again and again without even recognising the saleman ..

  7. Eshdawa: i agree 100% , as long as they don’t harass others :P,

    Ansam : see thats it, brunch , breakfast , swim not go to the same shop every friday and mess up the salesmans head 😛

    Criticizer : Because .. i have to clean up the mess, i am the salesman remember?

    This Lady : noooo ! some people never buy , all they do is try try try … kinda desease…

  8. LooooL yah i always say thanks.. I don’t pull out many cloths or anything but when i say thanks and smile without buying anything from a shop, my cousin thinks i am weird and she’s like why are you smiling.. maybe i look dumb lol!

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