I am not anonymous anymore

I am tired of being anonymous.. I mean WTF? can’t you say what you want to say without being anonymouse? I mean whats with a penguine representing my image? Who am i afraid of? I mean if you know who i am i will you jump on me at the mall? Or am i afraid that you will ask me discount? or make fun with your friends that ‘ hey look ! that guy is Blogger Grey’ .. Well ! i have had enough! enough of anonimity. it does not serve my purpose, I used to think if ever i get my cover blown ( like one other guy i know) i will shut this blog ! but why run …. i am embracing it…. in other words …. i’m coming out… So here you go suckers … my real name and pictures of me and my family and my dog , my cat and my work place and everything you ever wanted to know and stalk about…. Click away .

By GreY Posted in me

21 comments on “I am not anonymous anymore

  1. yeah Like I was gonna click!

    April Fools to you also!!

    I Love me some Grey!! hey how is the Wifey and AJ?


  2. Hamitaf : lol ! hee hee !

    Shosho : want to see my pics? lol ! foesbook is a click away 😀

    Chiki : i will keeeel You if you tell ‘them’ who i is !!!

    Amu : lool ! you are honest ! anyways no secrets from you 😛

    Intlexpat : oi , now i bloating with pride that i fooled so many

    Enigma : grrr ! next year i will try harder to fool you

    Rianne : oh me gosh ! you so innocent 😛

    Big Pearls: adding you in my next year list 😛

    Ra1 🙂

    Broca : shit happens 😀

    Ammaro : lol ! i took inspiration from your april fool post … Anon is good for security reasons he he !

    Ne : hee hee ! im sure you still checked them

    Raymond : thanks Ray !

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