Tsunami brings you happy life

Remember Boxing day Tsunami of 2004? 225,000 people died in a matter of few hours and millions were made homeless … But this Chinese Tharsh Bag Company thinks otherwise …i was like WTF?
I wonder why the UN didn’t send these women some thrash bags to start ‘nice life’
Anyone heard of a Tsunami Constuction Company?


7 comments on “Tsunami brings you happy life

  1. “Tsun Ami” in mandarin probably means something completely different! The tsunami we know of is a Japanese word 🙂

  2. Shoush : yes ! very disturbing!

    Big Pearls : Yes it is ;(

    Chika : Intresting? i say disturbing !

    Tsun Ami : i don’t think so, see the white typhoon picture? they mean real tsunami ..

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