Just another WTF flashback.

I was broke and jobless for 4months, then found a job, it was OK , made a few friends , one of them was Wilson. Wilson was the cashier of the showroom, middle aged ,probably in his early 40’s. He was full of life, tiny but quick and good at words, although his actions were bit funny,he was very funny in real. As i said i was hell broke, i ate the cheapest meal , that is ‘single keema and chapati’ for lunch and dinner, infact i was waiting for my first salary to come so i could eat some decent food. Wislon noticed this , so he would ‘force’ me to come with him to KFC or Burger King. and we became best of buds , may be i was selfish or helpless i was enjoying free food and a good friendship.
Then one day, i was in the store room setting the stock , Wilson was taking his break , we were talking shit about …well ! SEX and stuff , suddenly Wilson grab hold my head and …… “Kiss” . Time stopped for that moment , i didn’t know what just happened, i yelled… “WTF man ! what is wrong with you !” . He was also stunned because my voice was loud, he was visibly upset that some one would hear my voice…
He said in a mellow voice, ‘but i thought you were intrested in me’. …
I was like, HOW! WHY ! HOW ! why would you think like that. … and i didn’t know that you are like ‘this’…. Fuck you man!
He left without saying a word…. we didn’t speak for next three years , he got transferred to the other shop and then i got married and stuff , and i decieded let go and met him in his shop with my wife, i don’t know for sure if he was jealous of my wife or my wife wanted to slit his toungue ( i told her)
But i say ‘let bygones be bygones’… not everyone is blessed to have his first kiss by a Gay man ! he he !
Anyways Me and Wilson are still best friends, some how we pretend nothing ever happend on that fateful day.
Check this blog… Spazoid … this guy craks me up.

14 comments on “Just another WTF flashback.

  1. Hey we are more alike that I would have ever thought!! LOL!! glad you were able to look past it!!

    Okay I am off to class!!


  2. Enigma : lol ! yeah ! aww and eww !

    Ne : See, so much in common !lol !

    Brocasaera : Yeah ! i believe in that ,

    Iron pugilist : oye ! welcome to my blog ! and Sanks.

    Chiki : lol! yeah ! there are no free luches …. i should have known that šŸ˜€

    Big Pearly : šŸ˜›

  3. you cracked me up…. honey.. are you sure you didn’t give him any hope of some sort…. i think we need to hear the other guy’s story ;pP


    Seriously my office is giving me weird looks!

    Good thing that you put the past behind you and still be nice to the guy.

    Hahahaha i still can’t believe this!

    Oh and btw, they say that it is the ultimate compliment for a guy to be attracted to you (also a guy). That means u must be a good catch!

  5. Mari : lool ! yeah ! nothing like the first kiss , specially if its a stolen one :DD

    Sis 4 You : šŸ˜›

    Ammaro : yeah !tell me bout it .

    Hamitaf : lol ! if you meet him you will crack even more, he is full of life…

    Desert Roses : lol ! you should have seen my wife laughing, some of her inner parts fell off !

    This Lady : take care dear, you dont wanna be fired over a gay kiss … thanks for the compli … i will make sure that i will attract more moths ( i am the fire hee hee) to be burnt .

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