Details of Hurricane ‘what the fook was that?’

Usually we go out at 6 pm every Friday , but AJ was cranky today so we left home by 5pm , once again instead of going to the Great City Centre we decieded to go to the Avenues Mall. Although the weather was cool and pleasent, i was sure that the weather Gods would strike any time. Anyhoo me, My Babe and her Baby reacher the Avenues avoiding all the ‘blind dickheads’ who speed on the 5th ring road as if thier Mother is on fire. After doing some shopping from Mothercare just when we came out the siren rang and a huge ball of dust appeared inside the mall, and we started to run towards the ‘GoSport’ area beacuse we could not see anything, the dust was so thick. And then my Phone rings it was ‘Ammama’ our maid, she was in panic, she asked us where were we and we said ‘Abenues’… and she was like ‘Get the Fuck outa there , Get the Fuck outa there… there is a Earthquake …. ( ok i added the F word) .. i looked around and people were like Nero playing the flute while Rome was burning… so we smart asses headed towards the ‘Barking lot’ and so many other smart asses were seen heading towards thier cars without creating panic … anyhooo once we were out of Avenues Mall, phones start to ring .. im sure Zain and Wataniya made shit load of money because of the freaky storm … other than getting stuck in the traffic for one hour we didnt see anything but my weekend was ruined … and it was devastating …. tree’s, Chabra’s , Khaima’s , sheeps etc etc was uprooted… i heard from people that even though the wind and rain and hailstorm lasted only few minutes it was bad , very bad , So many dick heads met with silly accidents because of panic … One person who was not affected by this ‘Hurricane Kuwaitiana’ as some would call it was my son AJ … he was fast asleep all the time .
more details here and here and here .

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6 comments on “Details of Hurricane ‘what the fook was that?’

  1. LOOL Grey! LOL! LOOOL!! I am cracking up at the “Ammama” thing.. well yeah, it felt like it’s judgment day man :$ glad y’all were safe because I heard that avenues was effected too

  2. ohh, I was at Avenues at the exact same time. Amu called me n told me abt it but Iwas busy at carefour and nothing happend there. By the time I came out after 15 min, I asked my husband to lets go n see what up? So we went to the HnM door of avenues n it was locked. “Anyhoo” when they unlocked the door everything was clear. I saw nothing, heard nothing.

    Though, later from avenues back home in salwa, we saw a lot of uprooted “sheep” around.

  3. Broca : yeah man ! its not time yet !

    Chika : hee hee ! yeah Ammama is a ex gangsta wannabe , only that she wears saree.

    Big Pearly : I did i did.. it wasnt time yet

    Sis4u: Aww ! see we were in one place and yet you didt meet your brother , Hindi movie stuff ! yeah !lots of sheeps near the Souk Haraj running here and there.

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