Everyone else is posting a Music Video, why cant I?

Shut up and listen to the BaiSaabs


20 comments on “Everyone else is posting a Music Video, why cant I?

  1. Grey, This is a great song, I cannot believe that I am saying this.. but I think my journey on blog land is almost over!! I need help Big Bro…

    I like someone that likes someone else.. How Do I get myself in this shit? LOL!!

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAAHAHAHA


  2. I dont know,how far you are serious with this guy, as for me, i was in same situation, Drooles loved someone else, but then i just went ahead and told her that i loved her, and for my luck she realized that the other guy was playin with her and rest is ancient history .( i’ve got great stories to tell AJ hee hee) … Dont be shy just go ahead and tell him how you feel ( i know its not a girl thing …but…just try)

    and DONT STOP BLOGGING, thik of this guy as a fish… and they are plenty in the Sea !

    oi main point … PRAY … u never know WHO is fighting for you !

  3. He talks to me about her! and i sit and listen to him as his confidant! that is why I remain silent! But that is something really great to tell AJ.

    You won his moms heart, how great is that? I will stand still and be quiet until the moment. Oh yeah Pray is the key! I shall keep on doing that!

    Thanks….. **STILL SAD** but I will get over it!!


  4. Bu Ziyad : you wont like it , i like real odd music , i mean i am full time in to local bands and man ! there are some awesome Kuwaiti Bands on Myspace …

  5. hmmmmmmmm Infatuation? I used to think that like 2 wks ago.. Now I am gonna knock her out and take her man!! LOL!!

    You are the best!!

  6. Ne : LMAO ! you can do that … or sing that she’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar’ instead ….

    Take care dear, its just that college phase ! you will laugh at it someday !

  7. I want Single in the City to tell him how he feels and then come here and tell us how it went?!

    ==> mlgufa =/ *means I’m nosy lol*

  8. Popping in to say hello to my brother! Thank You for your kind words and I am glad that you got a HeHe out of it!! I am still ummm Gonna knock her out!!! J/K


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