Who’s in for a WTF link?

Ok i’ve been very occupied lately, Nothings going my way , but anyways dont want to whine now, will come back for that, and for all my bloggies forgive me for not commenting on your blogs, i will for sure, thats why my reader is piling up blogs like crazy ( looks like some of you have blogarrhea, as for me i am totally blogstipated , it will be a while to be normal again,
Meanwhile you all stay safe, people in Kuwait refrain from using the handset while driving, it is OK if you use the headphone and run over someone, but you guys just cant doin it with one hand, the message is clear from the MoI , if you do it , do it neat and clean 😉 … Dad.. dad .. screech bada boom bang pusss ! ! ( anyone heard this ad?) ..
Anyways i leave you with a WTF link ….


16 comments on “Who’s in for a WTF link?

  1. SERIOUSLY!!! now I’m all for woman rights but what the hell was that?!! she needs a good slap! They should charge her for raping her own self!

  2. OMG…what has the world turned into?! With so many worthy issues in the general order of things…they’re into that?! (((SIGH)))

    And Grey, I heard you on this post…I had been absent from blogging the past weeks too and I certainly know the feeling…in fact I still have to catch up with my reading as well!!!

    Hope ALL is WELL with you and your family! Cheers!

  3. Well like i always say, the fastest way to make a quick buck these days is to sue someone’s ass off 😛

  4. This makes me proud to be a lawyer (in a few months or so)…

    “”The sexual act did not really happen because the physical proximity factor is not there, yet it happened because there is a direct physical impact – the loss of virginity.””

    First of all, WTF

    Secondly, even if that was humanely possible (which is a stretch to say the least) WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST HANG UP THE PHONE!? it is not like he said “Rape!”, next thing she finds out she no longer has her virginity.

    Thirdly, Rape legally means, at least in the UK, “when *censored* penetrates *censored*…”. What that idiot lawyer needs to do is sue that guy for Sexual Assault! He will have atleast a 0.2 % chance of gaining anything from it as oppose to 0% chance with a rape accusation, since at least with Assault it could happen without touching… not sure about Sexual Assault tho…

    OMG, I cant believe I am arguing that. I really need to get myself a life

  5. I heard what so called “da3aya” warning not to use phone and driving! Gosh its not even scary too “mo sij”

    and the rape article, can they be more wth?

  6. Is the insinuation that she was raped by a Kuwaiti guy?

    He must have been quite potent. Or perhaps had the ability to teleport to wherever she was.

  7. dats a freaky n strange story Dude!
    I wonder… what sort of things makes news now-a-days

    btw, dropped in frm broca’s blog 🙂

  8. LOL… I like the blogarrhea/blogstipated thingy! hehehehe

    Hows your boy? been a while since you wrote about him or posted a pic of him.

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