What a week man !

What a week it was , it was like ‘been to hell and back week’ . AJ fell sick, severe diarrhea and severe cough ! . It all started with a routine check up at the (in)famous YA hospital in Salmiya . A ‘anonymouse’ reader of mine had left a comment about AJ’s pediatrician in one of my previous blogs, so i changed the Doctor …….. BIG MISTAKE . Although i dont blame the Doctor , it could be the weather may be ( In Kuwait we have very bad dust storm for so many days now) , i went to the hospital several times, switched doctor again, this Doctor contradicted the first one , more ( different) medicines , yet no result …. finally i went back to AJ’s pediatrician and he was all in laughter becuase according to him even the second Doctor had prescribed medicines which were not related to the cause , anyways AJ is feeling lot better now. What i realized is YA is a divided house, with each doctor contradicting each other , no one seems to care enough, So i have decieded to switch the hospital itself. “Good riddance YA”. I had enough .

In between all this Drools wasnt there, she had to go abroad for some training, she refused to go, but the HRM threatend her with termination, so she went crying, Drools was full of tears , she has not left me and gone alone anywher for a long while now, she was worried that her plane will fall ( and i will marry someone else :D) . I was laughing at her. But on the day she was to come back there was the worst Dust storm i have ever seen, and i was in total panic, i though Drools words will come true ( and i thought of the women eligible for marriage , kiddin) anyway by the time the flight landed the storm was gone and it was a huge relief .

Normally i dont post my sons picture in my blog anymore but Ansam asked for the pictures and i cant say no to her, presenting AJ . BTW he looks just like me hee hee !
oh yeah !
Read or bleed link
Think i will make this a regular feature.


15 comments on “What a week man !

  1. My Nephew is the cutest!! Poor Drools I am glad she made it home safe!! You are a meanie!! LOL!

    Don’t laugh at her, she is scared to leave her Hubby and her baby!! “looking for someone else” HA! I would kill you for drools!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. MAshala he’s sooooooo cute…babies reaal are little angels šŸ˜€

    Glad he’s feeling better now šŸ˜€

  3. Shosho : Thanks ! Kisses back from AJ as well šŸ˜›

    Rayboy : This gamble is bad man ! specially with YA .. it sucks!

    Big pearly : Thanks ! bless you back !

    Broca : Thanks Doc ! i hope you are a good one and care for everyone . Bless you man !

    Ansam : No thankies … its my pleasure .

    Ne : Oye ! dontcha Keeel me ! i was just kiddin…. BTW for us Friday Saturday is weekend ..

    MMD : Thanks dear ! some angels are naughty you know ! they dont sleep at night šŸ˜›

  4. Mashallah, very very cute baby :))))
    How do u get him to laugh and get pics at the same time!! I rarely got such smiles n laughs of my baby on camera.Though, I was always trying.

  5. Sis4you: my boy is camera crazy , thats why … these pics are taken from mobile , i put it in burst mode so it takes so many pics in a sequence …

  6. I’m glad that AJ is now better! And get a pedia who is more into preventive approach! And your comments about Drools flights and fears cracks me up…you are so freaking crazy! LOL

    AJ looks cute…will that comment make you cute too? You tell me! LOL

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