How to file your teeth at home .

OK related to my previous post about my broken tooth hurting my toungue … i found a solution … Since i cant afford private Hospitals and Cant risk going to govt clinic … i remembered something that i had seen on Discovery Channel some years ago… teeth filing …. how some African tribes filed thier teeth sharp so to eat meat better. Eureka !!!! i borrowed the filer from my wife… washed it clean and had my broken tooth filed smooth … and now i am in talking mode again …. yey ! i’m happy ! Need some more filing, i hope i can convince Drooley to do the job for me.
and the lessons learnt are…
Self help is the best help
Avoid Govt Dentists for minor ‘repairs’ . ( Not you Pearly )

6 comments on “How to file your teeth at home .

  1. Are you serious! I cant believe you did this! Teeth?? What you did is not a DIY thing! I hope nothing goes wrong LOL

  2. wow…. your brave 😀
    But you know my grandmother always says that everyone is their own doctor…!!

  3. GREY!! Honey, I hope you are going to be okay.. Lets wait and let your friend Pearly Diagnose you, when she reads this post!!

  4. I went through the same thing recently. Chipped a tooth, dentist left a really sharp point that grated against my tongue every time I spoke. Went last night and it took her all of two seconds to file it down and relieve my pain.

    Don’t give up on government clinics. I have found some of the best dentists there. You have to go through many quacks but eventually you’ll find someone who is qualified.

  5. Ansam : hee hee ! i was thinking of using the cutting plier… its good that common sense prevailed

    Shosho : he he really !!

    Hamitaf : Thanks ! its true , its true,

    Ne : Im OKi im OKi,

    Stinni : Aww ! but me no going to Govt clinic ever,cz mine is next to Sultan and i always get the same doctor no matter how i change the time ….

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