I was asked to go to the head office, which is in Murqab. I drove there , found parking next to the Tower , finished my work at the office, then i had to take a leak. It was Urgent , real urgent !!I remembered there used to be a WC inside the KPTC bus stop, so i ran there … BIG MISTAKE … probably you will not have the stomach to see the following pictures ..

This toilet is made of 18 carot urine stone …
Hepatites A B C D E Fuck G and everthing you need !

This was the tricky part ! only if you are a shaolin monk to balance yourself on the brick !

But hey ! there is consolation .. you can read the top of the class graffitti … coool ! Thank you for visiting the KPTC WC .

Read or Bleed


14 comments on “WTF KPTC?

  1. OH DEAR GOD! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! OMG!! I am trying to imagine how that place smells like ewwwwww! and the graffiti is fucking twisted god some people are animals!

  2. WTF is that?? I mean OH MY GOSH!!!! I would have lost my mind.. I would have just went to potty on myself..


  3. eewwe, eewwe, eewwee…now i did not need to see that first thing in the morning…dude how about a viewer discretion warning next time 😛

    SHEEESH! What the hell! YIKES! no no no NO! and whats that link you provided! It freaked me out!

  5. Chiki : it smelled like Nirvana yaar ! hee hee ! some people are worse than animals …

    Ne : lool ! told you it was urgent 😀

    Big Pearly : lool ! me either… but when you gotta go you gotta go innit?

    Stinni : i know i know !eww !

    Magic : loool ! goody ‘doody’ morning !

    Ansam : Man babies ! coool eh ?

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