Made in China?

First My apologies to anyone who is hurt by my Rude prick (post) and also i apologise to all the Germans , i admit, sometimes i am a racist bastard. Anyhoo .. now that the cloud is clear and i have decieded , Screw it !! i am going to blog from work and comment from work as well, …. all is fare in blog and war.
This just in..
Two Chinese came in to my store,
asked where the Brand was from,
I told them it was from U.. , they liked it ,
tried some clothes,
liked them as well,
Then asked ‘made in? ”
i said Made in China ….
They left in a hurry uttering something …
i think it sounded like WTF man ! can’t we buy something which is not Chinese?

See ya’ll around..


8 comments on “Made in China?

  1. Shosho : Isnt that funny ! Chinese not buying made in china !

    Big Pearl: he he !

    Ansam: Son is goood ! now he is exploring the floor !

    Pratap : 😛

    Desert Roses : Benguines are kool tara !

    Mari : :PpP

    Ammaro : hee hee !

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