Rude prick statement of the day.

The blogshpere isn’t the same as it used to be ( my Blogsphere that is) … a lot of bloggers have succumbed to ‘real life’ i guess , i am missing so many of my bloggies who used to blog as if they had sever blogarrhea , now they are all silent … I miss you guys ! ( You know who you are)
Talking about real life ,My real life got real hectic , with AJ being sick ( yeah once again) .. Just didnt have the ‘taste n time’ to blog other than leaving some dumb comments on your blog (which at times don’t make sense to me either, so dont bother … )
Talking about comments , i’m gonna make a serious ‘rude prick’ statement …( God knows my heart, i am not arrogant …) i have stopped commenting on many blogs, its pretty stupid when someone pretends you dont exist. I’m hurt !! ( but wordpress users please check your spam box)
Talking about hurt , some times it hurts to be honest , We are going for a SALE next week and this ‘beautiful’ Germish (thats what they call people from German Innit?) lady asked if i could give her some discount, i wanted to tell her come next week, but its end of the month and we are behind target , so i said NO and charged her full… even if my honesty hurt some how i didnt feel regret … its business i guess.. (Yep ! i chose incentives over a beautiful Germish lady)
Talking about guessing … I wont be guessing if you clicked on the following link , let me know if you did ! ..

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7 comments on “Rude prick statement of the day.

  1. well.. you don’t blog as much as before.. life is tough buddy and I swear my head is not functioning as well as it used to do before but like you, I too miss alot of people and I try my best to be updated with blog posts :/

    LOL that woman (the man too) are weird

  2. well I do blog but I am in a crappy mood lately, sorry about that.. I guess people do get busy sometimes..

  3. ive always been around!

    you know, if u earn a commission or some sort of bonus, then u should charge people full price even through sale periods,,, teehee…

  4. Shosho : I understand ! even i am in a sleepy mood and crapy mood as well, more over no time to blog of late!

    Ammaro : I know ! Missed u though

    And yes ! business is business, no space for feelings šŸ˜€

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