Hello ! I’m a dickhead from Rajasthan… give me your money !

Its sad that innocent people die for no reasons because some idiot thinks he is doing the right thing for what ever stupid cause he is fighting, Recently something like that happened in the Indian State of Rajasthan’s Capital Jaipur. Hundreds of them died . Whole nation united together, spoiling the terrorists plan of spreading commnal hatred … anyways the echos of the blast were heard in Kuwait too in a different way.
Its been almost a month now for this dastardly act , but soon after the blast door bells started ringing almost everyday … almost every day a guy from Rajasthan will ring the bell saying ‘ my father/mother/brother died in the blast, please help me to go back to India” … At first i fell for it but then even my friend called me to say to be careful from swindlers ..
Yesterday i was parking the car … two guys approached me … same old story with a twist this time … ‘ we are from Rajasthan…. my friend fell down from the building , please help him to go home, give dinar or Dinar nus… . i said ‘i’m sorry ‘ and walked off…
And the guy starts to abuse me … I was like WTF?? I wanted to rip his toungue off … I should have …anyways … i decieded it was not worth …cz some people are just a burden on mother earth.
If you are an Indian Watch out for swindlers .. i’m not generalizing people of Rajasthan … i’ve got some best friends from there.. my favourite team is Rajasthan Royals… just that be careful .


8 comments on “Hello ! I’m a dickhead from Rajasthan… give me your money !

  1. I always get to similar situations…wherever I go…people most of the time just approach me for money/ help…it’s not like I wear an ID that says I give money yah know! And I think those people need not come for any place…but may claim so…and make stories all they want just to rip people off!

    People like them confuses benevolent people…it’s nice to help, but to know and analyze when and to whom…sometimes just gets too much.

  2. That is so so sad!!! Giving money is the person choice.. WHY in the world should we HAVE TO GIVE IT????


  3. Mari: Exactly the same thing with me… I dont know may be its written on my forehead that i am a ‘bakra’ ( sheep) .. It happens to me all the time..

    Ne : Yes ! its my will to give or not… may be i am more broke than him ..

  4. yeah u r right…after gujarat earth quake here similar incidents used to happen!..people are so heart less!!!

  5. IntlX: lol ! i always carry that cloud everyhere i go

    broca: i know.. its absolutley disgusting.. spineless people

  6. This sort of thing happens all the time and around the world. I remember last year me and my sister and her husband walking on the street between houses and a car pulled over and two guys who looked young and healthy spoke to my sister’s husband and asked him to give them money because they are from the West of KSA (and we’re living in the East) and they want to go back but don’t have money. =| He told them I don’t have money on me now and good luck.
    But WTF man? They have a car and they could get a bus ride to the west for less than SR 100 =D

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