Lesson 1: Why you shouldnt save a Street cat.

So i woke up to another fuckin day to see the sight of a Arab Kid running with a pelt gun … wanting kill that stooopid Kat..
Poor thing took shelter behind the groceries..

bang …. bang…
Bang more fuckin bang …. while the bakalawala stood there watching ..
Finally i had enough stopped my car and gave a lecture titled ‘Have mercy’ and Katjacked the mothaf…
But what do i get… i was expectin thankies but the SOB goes inside my dashboard while i am driving like a mad man so that i can still reach work in time…
(Picutres not available) all this happend before 10 am… i went two friggin Iranian Garages askin them to open my dashboard… not that i was worried that the Kat will die… i didnt want the mofo to bite somethin n then burn my car…. but those fuckin pussy’s would agree … so i had to go to ‘da mall’ with the cat still inside the dashboard…

i had to go to work cause the Shop key was with me… at 11.30 something i came up with a brilliant idea … bribing the Kat with KFC.. but when i came down to the ‘barking’ with the KFC the cat was already out of the dashboard …and under the seat… but still no gratitude… he was hissing at his rescuer …bloody .. Finally just when he was about to go back in to the dashboard … i caught his tail and threw out the ‘namak haram’
There…. him… yeah… him… he is the reason i will be put half day absent to workAnd yeah not to forget the bruises he gave me while i was wagging him by his tail to get out of the car…

Oh !btw … those muscles are for real…. 😀


13 comments on “Lesson 1: Why you shouldnt save a Street cat.

  1. If something like that happened in the US, the damn guy would have violations up to his ass.

    *whistles and throws one dollar bills*

    Yeah, baby! Strike a pose! Do a most muscular!


  2. Grey,

    I was referring to the damn kid. He will probably get jailed or fined if he had done that in the US. I mean, shooting the cat with fake bullets or whatever it was.

    The cat was a bastard too for scratching you like that 🙂

  3. lol…how did u manage to take such photos man???…..u know wat bruise can be a sign of severe internal bleedinf..:D

  4. Ammaro : Never again i will pick stranger with 4 legs,

    Angelo: You scared me for a while, i though USA people are against animal rescue 😀

    Broca: lol man ! GreY is like Spiderman , always ready for any situation .. I was planning to take the ‘shooting’ pictures and move on… but bloody consciece intrupted…
    whats with the bleeding? Am i dieng?

  5. Grey, that is a tiny little cat, an he was terrified! Even my own cat might scratch me when he is frightened. He is an animal – he has instincts to protect himself. And imagine – he’s just been shot at by someone who truly wanted to hurt him!

    Good for you, good for you, Grey, making that sacrifice to save a terrified little cat. I am sorry he inconvenienced you and sorry he scratched you. Please forgive him, and share a little of that KFC next time you see him. His life will probably be short.

  6. I cannot stand cats!!! Tho I would not shoot at them! or would I? Hehehe!!

    Sorry you got hurt! Your boo will heal that right up for you!!


  7. aawwwwwww 😦 nooo u should rescue a cat especially after what those mean boys did 😦 !!! 7araaaaaaaaaaaam 5ayfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'((((

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