Fluck blogspot

Fluck blogspot … I cant upload images … bloody there is no upload button in the page … WTF bloggers suppose to do? Migrate to wordpress?

By GreY Posted in blog

8 comments on “Fluck blogspot

  1. Ummm, yeah! Why on earth you are still with blogger? I mean, you can easily transfer your blogspot drafts and posts to wordpress server.

    WordPress is for the sophisticated and intellectual minds only, so you might as well join in 🙂

  2. Chika : I agree

    Broca: i dont know something is wrong with my notebook maybe .. i dont have the ‘ upload picture” button on the page..

    Angelo: I will… soon.

  3. it could be that you forgot to switch the compose and edit buttons……!!!

    I am using blogger since ever, they have some problems but all in all I found them more user friendly than wordpress….!!!

  4. I am on wordpress also!! I just have not finished making it the way I want it yet to publish!! I am still trying to figure it out!!


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