Note to self

Must subscribe more male bloggers on the reader .. reading more of female blogs can cause sever depression.
Must buy new underwears … printed one’s for a change.
Must tell my readers if you dont watch this you so gonna miss the fun Btw make sure you are an adult.


14 comments on “Note to self

  1. note to you and the rest of the male bloggers: “without the bloggerettes, the blogsphere would be a ghost town” .. :p

  2. *wonders if she wud pass the adult test to watch the video*

    [5 minutes later]

    *decides only way to find out is to watch the video and see if she gets the jokes*

    [2 minutes later]

    *decides to wait till no one is in the room so she can watch the video*

    [10 hours later]

    *makes sure she mutes the speaker on laptop, sits in a dark corner so no one can see her screen, and very slowly clicks on the link*

    #$%%^&* and some !@#$% what the$%^ing HELLLLL


    [5 minutes later]
    *becomes suicidally depressed coz she couldn’t watch the video*

    [5 minutes later]
    *since she is already in the mood, decides to watch other ‘cough, cough’ videos*

  3. cannot see video! It is asking me to log in and I dont have an account!!

    And also! ummmmmm I agree with Chika! Ya’ll Men need us!! hahahahahahahaha!!

    Just loves us!!


  4. OMG
    I hope i’m not the one that made u think female posts are depressing!
    weeeeeh laykoon shwaht som3at blogaat il banootaat ;p
    Since my post today was SOOO depressing ;X

    i7m i7m “ele fooog rasaa ba67a yet7sas-ha ;p”

    leme go watch the link u posted, baba i’ll give u my feedback when i’m back 😉

  5. Back…
    I’m shocked ;X
    I went to see your link..
    wela sheno?!!!!!!!!!
    (sorry bas a7eb aswe action ;p)

    Access to this website is prohibited

    This site is blocked according to the Kuwaiti Government filtering guidelines. If you feel this page has been blocked in error kindly fill out the form and we will investigate.

    It is with your feedback that we can avoid future errors.

    Thank you

    WTF?! How come they get to see everything!!!
    for god sake it’s 2008!!

    hmmmm does anyone know if i can get rid of this site blocking thing? ;p

  6. reading women blogs make you depressed? why? well…i hope you know mine is not of a woman you know…joke!

    i have to watch what’s in the link at home…im at work now..

  7. – You are always welcomed to my blog. It’s not manly enough but at least it’s not depressing.

    – Printed ones? Do you mean boxers?

    – I cannot shake the feeling that after all this naked dancing they gonna have a sex orgy at the end.

  8. ChikaBebe : lool ! i agree …

    Broca : you should have ..

    Darya : loool ! cough cough !

    Cinder : oye ! log in with your google ID ! enjoy nakid dance !

    Ansam : Thanks 😛

    Paloma : lool ! subscibe to reader … most of the things are unblocked there …

    Big Pearl : Oooo some girls make me depressed …

    Amu: thanks … only men can understand !

    MaRI : ooo dont watch the * cough Cough* vid at work !

    Angelo : Thanks for male bloggers like you …. keeps me sane… yeah printed ones like the boxers …. then i wil roam in mArina …

    Fa6ma : lol ! I know !

    Esh : i dont say no to that ! but come on ! where is the Joy? they all get depressed at once thats the problem.. 😀

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