The real hot dog

Another reason to hate cats ..


9 comments on “The real hot dog

  1. I LOVED IT!! haha!

    I miss coming here, I don’t want to work anymore… How is AJ???

    Talk to you later Bro!




    a7es kilhom yenanwa!!!!

    I’m not into any type of animal acually..

    weee3 ;p a7es waskheen o fehom 7ashraaat ;p

    dogs ok momkin atqablhom coz my his has 1 that’s so cute! but that 1 is so ugly ;p
    a7es his owner 7adha fathya ele g3da t3lma tgol i love u ;p

    wayed 3alyha chalb mkraam il sami3 eygolaha i love u ;p
    kafwichhh ;p hehehhe

    khofy bas i will end up someday doing like her ;p

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