Using K-net?

If you are using K-net ( debit or Credit) and the transaction comes void/bank unavailable etc etc please do not throw the reciept. Customers of mine use the card for KD42 and the reciept said ” transacation Void” but poor fellow recieved a message from his bank that money was deducted . Anyhoo after a little of argument ( he didnt want to pay twice) finally i called the K-Net company and explained the situation and “Had the transaction reversed” . And he promptly got a message again from the bank that money was reversed.

I pity all those people who threw away thier ‘void/cancelled’ reciepts ( too many of them).
So check your account if something like this should happen to you.


9 comments on “Using K-net?

  1. Just the other day a student of mine was telling me that she had onces deposited 500 KD into her account but by mistake the bank had debited that amount from her account!!

    So yeah, always check!!

  2. the system sucks! I was once charged on the same card twice… I went to a coffee shop and my total was KD2.750 or so
    When I checked my statement I was charged TWICE the same amount on the same day from the same shop… I called the bank and it got resolved!

    This was more than four years ago! Still sucks huh?

  3. it happened me to me once, fortunately i never throw any of my receipts so it got resolved immediately, thanks for the reminder Grey 🙂

  4. Darya : Possible anything possible, once i read that a clerck was transfering little amounts to her account and made a fortune before getting caught

    Amu : You shouldnt.. must check account !

    Ansam : now imagine a customer who was charged KD30 thrice but threw away the reciepts .. 😀

    Mari: lol !

    Rianne : You are wise ..

    Eshda3wa : You should .. its a good habit

    Ray : I mailed you .. Any good news? But Appollo in general is a bad place now

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