F##k ! this one didnt go well ! i tried to do the flickr tag thingy but it got messed up .. i will come back to it when im at home, Work PC sucks !
Few rants : I’m crazy today .. i mean i have reached that level, made some bad statements, and then spoke outa my ass ( twice) , that too with the customers, had a tough time fixing it.
Jackie Chan Dead : I called dozens of people ( couple of days ago) to tell them that Jackie had died of heart attack .. Today some one called me to tell it was a Hoax .. I love you Jackie .. Stay alive ..
Sun Rise From West : My Maid is ‘hell sure’ that on 13th of this month the sun will rise from the west and it will be doomsday .. Please i cant convince her . I give up . I hope she is wrong..
Lesson for the day : If you are farting in the open .. make sure the silencer is fixed properly, or else it can be very embarrising .

5 comments on “Randomities

  1. I have decided that your azz is really crazy! And I really dig that!!


    Luv ya man!!


    P.S I am so going to hell if the end is coming soon!! haha

  2. I feel bad for your helper…!!! LOL

    And have you heard of snort? It is when you sneeze and fart at the same time, leaving your face white and blank…I think embarassment is way better than that. Btw…I just made that word…please don’t ever look for it in the dictionary…ROFL!

  3. Pearl : I did it .. at 2 am * pew *

    Ne : Muhahaha … thanks !

    Think we can have a party in hell !

    Ray : End is near dude ! run Ray Run !!

    Mari : Snort ? patent it … hee hee ! nice word !!

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