I’ve been caught cheating my wife .

The story goes long back , When i was in Srilank , i had met Shiela , she was beautiful and charming . And we fell in love, I promised her that i will marry her and she ran away from her parents house. But things did not work out for us because of the war in Srilanka and i had to leave to Kuwait for good. I promised her that i will be back for her but my situation was such i couldnt keep my promise, and i lost contact with her. And i moved on with life and married ‘ The Droolster’ and we have a beautiful baby boy AJ.
I had not imagined that things will change in my life after 13years , Last night when i reached home , i heard a big comotion in my house , someone was crying, when i opened the door it was ‘the Droolster’ crying and there was this other woman and i recoginzed her instantly ” It was SHIELA” . I was startled, emotionless and for a moment my world had stopped. Here were two women , my lost love and my wife n kid. I wanted to hug Shiela, after all these years i had never stopped thinking about her. How could I? Everytime i read the newspaper i wondered if she ever did survive the war . Did she forget me, did she marry someone else like me and had kids .. all kinds of questions and … here she was inside my house, radient as ever.
I didnt speak much to Shiela that night , because Drools was emotionally drained, she had never expected this from me, i had to hide my past from her because as i said , i had moved on with life . But now my past had come haunting . Drools asked me ” What is this? How could you do this to me? You promised her that you will marry her ? Do you know the trouble she has gone through to find you? What you gonna do now?
I said ” I will marry her”
Drools was shocked …NO NO NO ! i can not share my husband , i have a child with you , what about him? Will he share two mothers ? Please dont leave me ..she hugged my crying bitterly.. I could feel her possesiveness in her bear like hug… She wouldn’t let me go … And her hug started to suffocate me ..
And i woke up, unable to breath checked the time it was 3am and “the Drool Monster” was murmuring in sleep trying to hold me as much as possible, I woke her up and asked what was happening.. She looked gullible and confused …. She said ‘ I will tell you in the morning’ .
What you read above is a Dream (and its not even my dream !) It was her’s …. If you think i am crazy …. wait till you meet the Love of my life .. Shiela .. i mean ”The Droolster”.


21 comments on “I’ve been caught cheating my wife .

  1. :/ ! so you know a Sheila in real life and she had a dream about her? or she is just dreaming?! I am confused but that’s nasty! Imagine if someone shows up at your place like that! and the nerve of you having feelings for sheila in the dream!?! :p

  2. Oye ! i dont know any Sheila Veela, it was her dream .. Too much of Hindi movies . IT WAS HER DREAM , IM INNOCENT !

  3. Grey-
    Every time I read your blog and click to leave a comment I leave a black page to white and I go BLIND! Man now I am looking at a white-ish screen with black lines! Try it!

    I fell for your story! I thought it happened for real! I was like MAN! WHAT IS HE GONNA DO! You got women fighting over you!

  4. Big Pearly : Yeah ! she is !

    Ansam : Muhahaha !

    Do you mean to say i should change the page color? Give me link to some cool blogskin i will do it !

    Cant afford to let you go blind because of the ‘ no value blog ‘ 😀

  5. Daaaaayum! Grey!!!! What the hell? u really had me going there!

    Ok that really does sound like a Hindi movie!! LOL

    But wives can have sum crazy dreams….believe me i have had my share! 😛

  6. Nonowa : hee hee ! tell me about it !! hehe !

    Enchanteur: Sheela ‘DOES NOT EXIST” she is the “imaginary dream charecter” who stole’ me in my wife’s dream ..

    I wrote about a dream my wife had !

  7. loooooool

    she must have gone to sleep watching an indian movie or something

    heck she could write a script for an indian movie!

  8. I will have to tell you I was getting ready to cuss you! I even got tears in my eyes!!

    I WAS PISSED! Anyway you better be glad it was a dream because I was going to have to come and help your wifey beat your azz!!!

    GRRRRRRRR I was ready to give up reading your blog, and you know I love me some greyfort!!! Kiss my AJ for me!!


  9. Eshdawa : lol !i know ! too many”Sas Vs Bahu” ( D-I-Law Vs M-I-Law ) soaps is the reason i guess ..

    Ne : You cried ! stooopi .. told you it was a dream… her dream.. imagine me i got so close to having a second wife and yet it turns out to be a bad dream … ah ! pooey!

  10. lol! Through the middle I was thinking what the heck haha, and then when you said I’ll marry her too.. LOOOOL! I thought daaaaaaaamn you got balls! 😛 Anyway, what a weird dream! =P

  11. N. Lol man ! I wish it was a true dream… kiddin…

    Intlxpat : Yep ! lucky i missed that bullet … cant handle one … two will be disaster 😛

  12. Be careful mi amigo.

    Women will get angry with you for dreams they have where you commit indiscretions.

    Women are not rational beings.

    I hope you still have your nuts tomorrow!

  13. Pratap ” lol man ! yes she is lucky … muhahaha !

    Mike : Man ! told you ! it wasnt my dream.. it was her dream.. she told me about it in the morning … and yeah ! my balls are still intact !

  14. Oh my gosh… ! If all of that was real… then *&%$!!!

    Crazy that she would have a dream like that… there must be something on her conscious that is bothering her.

  15. ROFL..hahahaha

    I swear when i was reading it i was WTH!!!! et tu grey?

    😀 😀 @ “I will marry her”…how chivalrous of you 😀 😀 😀

    *whispers to grey, take Mrs Grey (aka the Droolster) out to a romantic dinner so she would stop having these dreams* ;p

    BTW, just wondering, how come the other woman is usually named Sheila? Seriously, in a lot of stores i heard “she” has a named like sheila!!

  16. 1. women get insecure all the time. That’s a fact. That’s why you should always say “I love YOU”..

    2. To prevent me and Ansam from getting blind, you can choose to make the comment thing as a pop op…

    3. I almost cried! =/ I really felt for your wife mskeena 😮

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