How to enhance b###s with out surgery

Remember last year ? I mean remember the Fashion Victims of last year ? Almost everyone wore that thing in the picture below . Well most of them wore it “over” the shirt . I as a man really admired the new look fashion “for reasons i can’t explain here “. I remember some couldn’t even button them so they left it open (tsk, tsk), creating a style within a style …
Move over 2007 .. here comes….. 2008 , if you are in Marina or Avenues , you can not help but notice the “Latest Fashion” , i.e Sleevess Vest bra .. ofcourse to be worn Over the “Shirt”. and the fashion is spreading fast like a contageous desease , like a wild fire. Again as a man ! i’m thrilled to see the latesht Fashion (Crime) for reasons i cant explain .
( this picture doesnt do justice, it comes with two buttons and a bit ( a lot ) shorter )


14 comments on “How to enhance b###s with out surgery

  1. lol! that’s not a bra! and yeah every single girl EXCEPT ME wore them, well my sister does too! They do look flattering on some girls and I understand why u won’t complain :p

  2. that is a sports bra! I wear them all the time!! But ummm NOT over shirts here in the states… HAHA! wear them to the gym, and playing Volley Ball!!


  3. Yeah the pic is of a sports bra but i know which ones u r talking about.

    You know stm i think life is not fair to us woman…i mean there’s hardly anything for us to feast our eyes on at MM or Avenues 😦 😦

  4. hmmmm umbeeeh sheslfa i’ve never seen anyone wear those fooog hdoomhom!!!:S ashofa bel gym bas!!!!

    what am i missing here ;s

  5. LOL! I need to go out more often… I haven’t seen this yet…!!!

    Small chested woman need lovin’ too!

  6. I’ve familiar with this particular fashion craze you are talking about. It looks good on some people, but on others, it’s just an abomination.

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