Idiot encounters.

Just a quick word … I don’t like to be tailgated. I depise people who do that, i believe people who tailgate are self centred who lack respect for fellow human being . I also believe tailgating is equallent of sniffing someones ass.

Enough said,

Today as i was heading home from City to Salmiya ( gosh ! i dodged the camera under Maidan Hawally bridge , pew ! that was close ) .. I take the “circle” to get in to the 5th ring road. and this mofo ass-sniffer tailgates me while doing the 360. Since there was a car already infront of me i slowdown.. which inturn piss the guy off and he overtook me and stopped right infront of my car and starts to make what his mother does best ‘ talk with hands’ , asking ‘now what you gonna do’. To be honest there is not much i can do, if it got down to a brawl, i’d bruise like a peach … so i sit quite in my car.. shrugg my shoulder off , then finally after a “minute and half” when he realised that i wasn’t going to give a rats ass for a mofo like him, he moved his car and was waiting for me under the 5th ring road bridge , but “Mr peanutbrain” doesn’t know that i have to take a right before that.

Anyways that was ‘close encounter with the dumb kind’ . I learnt a big lesson .. If anyone wants to ” ass-sniff ” … just allow them.


10 comments on “Idiot encounters.

  1. what the hell!

    what he was expecting u to get out of ur car

    then try to beat u up

    cz u weren’t driving at the speed he desired?!
    because we all know he owns the road!

  2. Esh: I myself was well speeding.. probably in 60’s in that 360 turn.. he just wanted to show me he owned the road.. now that im sober was foolish of . even if it wasn’t my fault

    Big parly: 🙂 .. im crazy .. u know right?

  3. I once had a very nasty experience with a tailgater so since then i always give way…

    oh and it’s the summer, the heat really does get to some drivers

  4. OMGOSH! are you calling me an ass sniffer!! I am like that when someone is taking their time.. if the speed limit is 60 then go 65 I would like go crazy in the car!

    And now at my job I carry a gun, so when I get in my car I throw the clip in the trunk of my car.. cause I feel the need to use it sometimes on SLOW ASS DRIVERS!!! I AM ROADAGE!!

    I would not do that to you tho!! lol lol I would have kicked that guys Azz tho! I got your back!

    Luv ya!!

  5. u get jerks all over the road,,, dont have a spec of common sense in their tiny minds. other day, this guy did a huge 180 in the middle of a REALLY BUSY road and almost caused a 5 car pile up just to follow me because i sort of overtook him (it wasnt even dangerous or a wrong overtaking, it was nice and smooth), sped up and braked his car infront of mine, got down ready to fight

    now im not the type to fight but this guy was a total jerk, he just came screaming and swearing, i punched him in the mouth and drove off

  6. Darya , Ansam,Ne, Mariposa, Fa6ma, Ammaro : Thanks for the comments …
    Ne , Dont tail gate bad girl !

    Ammaro, I am not bold like you .. i’d bruise badly … moreover its not my place…

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