Al Danah Millions OR Bust

Greed is the root of all Evil, once said Buddha.. too bad he was greedy to attain enlightenment and hence abandoned his wife and son which is entirely different story… ,
As i was walking down the valley of shadow of death.. wait cancel that… as i was walking today inside MM, i saw small ‘busta’ for Gulf bank, and my homeboy Amr ( not Diab) was staring at the stack of ( fake ) cash piled in glass box. I told him it was fake , but he was not ready to believe. (I won’t be surprised if he did a hiest on fake cash tonight.)
Anyways as i said “greed is the root of all evil”, i too succumbed to greed and paid the Gulf Bank a friggin KD1000 and opened a Dana Account. i have been told to collect my ATM from the nearest Gulf Bank, (i really hope its thats as easy as they say )
Anyways.. Amr was shell shocked to see me cough up 1000 KD . May be he didn’t expect me to have that kind of money because i always tell him i’m broke whenever he asks me money .
Amr made me promise that if i ever win… i have to give him 2000KD as gift , infact a wedding gift . I said OK. Because i know one thing, given the fact that the numeber of millionaires participating in the draw… my money is like a drop in the ocean, and i’m not winning no shit.. ( but i tried ) . So said OK , i will give you KD4000 instead.
Since then im hallucinating of the big things that i could do if i had a million “DINARS” not Rupia , not Peso, Not US$ but DINAR… A million DINAR… think i will quit my job, pay 10% to charity and open a recording studio in Colaba. and thats it.. spend my remaining life blogging.
But one thing i know, With my kind of luck i have learned ” its always others who win , you just watch ” .


12 comments on “Al Danah Millions OR Bust

  1. HAHA!! I want some also! I am not greedy I just want a couple pairs of shoes! hahaha!!

    Hey even tho your google reader does not update me.. because my blog is private I still post! haha! I am a mystery!

    Now go and win me some shoes! kiss AJ for me and tell your lovely wifey Hello!!!!!!!


  2. dude!!!!!!!!!! .. you invested in dana???????

    Man i know so many people whose amounts are missing and GB has no track off….

    Some of them it took them about 2 to 3 months for GB to track them… and till then they arent registered for the draw!!!

  3. Darya : lol ! 2000 it is…

    Ne : I will buy you 10 pairs of Gucci …

    Cancerian : I will share.. i promise

    FourMe : ask and you shall recieve.. (im not winning anyways )

    Rayboy : Is it… honestly im shit scared… you know how much time it takes me to earn that amount.. i checked with the guys once again, told them my fear that they will misplace my money… they laughed.. anyways i have the k-net reciept that says GB head office… but hope nothing goes wrong

    ansam: lol, dont forget me

  4. well ok … when some of my indian friends had this problem . we immediately removed ours.. But it was shocking when few of my Kuwaiti Friends had the same problem and the bank totally denied it.

    Anyway since you got your Knet receipt its fine… But as a suggestion.. make a habit of going to the ATM machine atleast once a month and asking for a mini bank statement for the dana account. they will be giving you a GB atm card.

    atleast you will be sure that the amount is there and you are still a valid registrant for the million thingy

  5. Hey…if you wind a million dinar…do not donate to charity…but make a company and hire people needing jobs…that way, it’s sustainable economics! And buy me Manolo Blahnik shoes…for being your advisor…LOL Yes…2 pairs of shoes will do…RED and any colors! 🙂 Each pair is only…$600-1k so, you should afford that! 😛

    And don’t quit your job…but get a job which allows you to blog all day…like mine! Bwahahahaha!

    Miss this place so much…it makes me forget my worries…and remember the love of my life…SHOES! joke!

    How’s Drool and AJ? 😉

  6. Broca : lol ! i will

    Ray : i cant wait for sunday to get my money out

    Mari : loooool ! i will … but as you know … its always the others who win.. * sigh *

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