That Saftey pin incident

Yesterday i witnessed something new ( in Q8) . There were these four totally wacky kids , may be 13 ‘eve teasing’ every girl in MM. They wanted the ‘ halawa’ ( ofcourse why anyone else will go to the Mall?) . Anyways , this lady passed by and she was really offended at the way these kids were behaving, so she stopped them , politly wanted to say something but the ‘ James Dean’ of the group said something really bad and all the boys were laughing like hyena’s and left.
This lady was startled for a minute , and then turned back and followed the boys , caught up with them , and gave them her piece of mind which drew the attention of the Security…
After some ‘lecture’ about respecting and stuff she left. and the boyz were back on business.
This is the first time i saw someone stand up for the ‘respect’ .. too bad the boys were spoilt like a rotten egg….
Which reminds me of a ‘boy’ who was pricked by a ‘saftey pin’ by some girl for ‘whatever he was planning to do to her in the crowd’ .. I guess that boy sobered up his act after that ‘ pre – emptive attack ‘ . But some never do … thats the sad story ..


11 comments on “That Saftey pin incident

  1. Good on her.. that’s what every women should do maybe then those maggots would get the idea and start respecting women!!

  2. oh i reprimand juvenile delinquents all the time

    in fact i made a few of em cry

    but i would really like to do is find their parents!

  3. Sad!! I am going to let my kids have it.. when I adopt them!

    and I know my dear nephew AJ will never do that!! Cause he is Cool like that!!

    I would have went after them with a bat!!

  4. if i were the management of MM, i would have security kick out any one who bothers/harasses girls in the mall.

    oh and grey, wud love to hear the story of the ‘boy’ and the safety pin 😉

  5. I would be so happy to be that girl…and kick the arses of those kids…imagine, if such a young age no one bothers to put them in their right place…and we say, the youth is our future…man, can somebody shoot me before our future gets to be turned over by those kind of kids!

  6. Eshda3wa : lol ! i remember reading you making some boys cry in Sultan centre …

    Jouja : Indeed parents are to be blamed..

    Ne : lol ! adopt? why why? have your own …
    If AJ ‘crosses the limit’ i will beat with him with a bat myself

    Darya : lol ! that boy was an ass… he didn’t have parents to take care of him so he got spoilt .. anyways that day he was drunk … but thats not an excuse for his idiocity .

    Mariposa : lol ! they say boys will be boys … but this is kinda extreme these days

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