Goodbye one million Dinar

Remember the Al Dana account and the castles that i built? Well i didn’t win.. some Mr Hani won . God bless him.
I withdrew my money from Al Danah today , all of it , every penny . Reason???


Here’s the story .. I saw this 1 Million of fake cash stashed in Marina Mall, approached the Gulf bank counter and asked for details, they said signing was easy , just pay through K-Net ( aka debit card ) and the account is open. My first question was “DO I GET AN ATM CARD?” and there were two answers , one was ” yeah the bank will call you and ask you which branch you want” the other one was ” go to the nearest branch and ask for the ATM card”
I opted for the second , and on Monday i approached the branch near my house. And the polite lady said ” come back on Thursday , your ATM card will be ready” and today i was at the branch and the same lady said ( to my sheer horror ) ” NO YOU DONT GET A CARD, after all this is a deposite only account’ even if you had a ATM card , you can not withdraw money” . Mis info again. Now thats something they didn’t tell me when they took my money. I don’t blame them, sure it must have slipped out their mind. (And also i was cluesless why i was called on ‘Thursday’ if i dont get the ATM card’)
I was puzzled for a minute and then opted to pull out of my money . Because honestly, if you dont know me already, i am a Salesman by proffession and i get salary in ‘peanuts’ and this amount was all my ‘ life savings’ which i wanted to invest in something ‘useful’ … cancel that… whom i am kidding, it was pure greed . I thought i’d make a quick Million.
Anyways the real point was ‘its absurd’.. i mean come on ! take my case .. say i invested all my money in Al Danah and i died at night on Thursday afternoon… and my wife wants to withdraw my money to bury me at Sulaibhikat. And she goes to the ATM and the machine says ‘No money ‘ .. Then she will have to dump in the dumpster because the bank is closed till Sunday morning and also because of the greedy SOB i have been, right? Or say for instance i got deported lall of a sudden like those Bangali’s did and want my money back. What do i do then? lick the ATM card?

Do i make a point?

I do , i know that …. because i realized that there are more chances of lightning hitting me twice than winning the Al Danah’ .. so , now that i am munching the sour grapes , put my money in Burgan back again. I hear that they have a ‘ Value account’ , which gives Life insurance and 500 KD for coffin charges to send my mangled torso back home . ( but i prefer Sulaibhikat cemetary, ) .
I have nothing against Gulf bank, im sure its the finest bank in the region , too bad it didn’t work out for me.
Oh yes ! they should get that ‘teller machine ‘ at thier branch , its pretty ugly one has to stand in the Que to deposite money .

6 comments on “Goodbye one million Dinar

  1. Sweet And Low


    Sweet and low, sweet and low,

    Wind of the western sea, ,

    Low, low, breathe and blow,

    Wind of the western sea!

    Over the rolling waters go,

    Come from the dying moon, and blow,

    Blow him again to me;

    While my little one, while my pretty one, sleeps.


    Sleep and rest, sleep and rest,

    Father will come to thee soon;

    Rest, rest, on mother’s breast,

    Father will come to his babe in the nest,

    Silver sails all out of the west

    Under the silver moon;

    Sleep, my little one, sleep, my pretty one, sleep.

    —–by age of conan

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