The way life (should) have been.

Looking back, i have regrets on a lot of things. My childhood is one. Lack of guidance by parents is the one reason i missed out on so many things that i wanted to do. Well, they sure have thier reasons to justify for ‘ not being there’.
Looking forward, I want my Kid(s) to achieve everything that i couldn’t. I don’t wish for greatness, just the simple things of life. But i must learn from others, a friend, who had similar childhood like mine has enrolled her two kids to almost everything . Karate, Singing, Dancing, swimming , you name it, and the kids look exausted and are clearly missing the ‘fun’ of childhood.
I know its too early for me to think such things becuase my firstborn is just 7 month old. Hope some day my son won’t write a post titled, ” i regret missing my childhood”

5 comments on “The way life (should) have been.

  1. Hon, you will be alright!! You are going to because you already are a great father!!

    You have learned from you childhood what to do and what not to do. I have no doubt that AJ is going to be a great young man!! Don’t worry he sill be writing a post about his adventures as a child and how great it was!


  2. Life is experience, and we don’t get everything from our parents, and we can’t blame them for everything they missed either.. circumstances, and they are also people, who are imperfect.. but as kids, they are all knowing, and they do everything right.

    As we grow up we understand this, and as long as we understand the shortcomings of our parents, and forgive them for it.. its all good. Don’t worry about raising your son, you’ll do a great job, and what you could do is tell him that he has to learn a lot from life and you can’t teach him everything…

  3. Never regret anything dear, 9adgny it all happened for a reason..
    kaaa u r thinking of not letting ur baby go through what u went through! that’s a good thing πŸ™‚
    LOOK at the + side dear πŸ™‚ o alla eykhaleelik weldik ya rab πŸ™‚

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