Blog Burnout

If you are wonderin where i am ….i have a sever burnout from my blog . And i have not even checked my google reader . Sorry for not visiting your blog or replying to comments . Just to get out of this blog burnout , i gave myself a side project , a blog too… something to do with Indian underground music , just trying to pile up all the downloadble mp3 links . Tough task, But almost done . Will be back soon…

Until then .. Sayonara baby !

By GreY Posted in blog

9 comments on “Blog Burnout

  1. O Sailor, Come Ashore

    (Part I)

    O sailor, come ashore

    What have you brought for me?

    Red coral , white coral,

    Coral from the sea.

    (Part II)

    I did not dig it from the ground ,

    Nor pluck it from a tree;

    Feeble insects made it

    In the stormy sea.

    ~by aoc gold

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