Curfew after 10 PM

Not really , last night Drools quit talking to me , Said she was tired of talking to my one eye , because the other is always on the internet , said whenever you ‘wake up’ come back to me . At first i was in total rage ,but now i have realized , i am an Ass , period . No excuses . So i confessed to her this morning that i was addicted to the internet and i needed help . As a start , she will hide the e-go ( modem) from today onwards, i.e no more internet after 10 PM .

Yey ! now i feel goood .


12 comments on “Curfew after 10 PM

  1. Outcast : Subscribed

    Broca: Wait , the day will come

    Big Pearl : I didnt know what i was missing 😛

    Ansam : Yey ! is there one ?

  2. awwwwwwww!!! well hon, you got to give wifey some time!!

    Soooooooo Make sure it is 10pm on the dot!! okay!!



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