Rob me , im a sheep.

I was at the Avenues, parked by the road side, heard some one knock on my car window . ” You speak Hindi”? he asked me . By his accent i understood, he was a Pakistani .
“Yes” i said .
” We came from Dubai , my parents are in the car, we lost our luggage in Kuwait city, all our money is gone , can you help us ?” he asked.
I looked at the car parked parrallel to my car on the other side of the street , a man waved at me, his wife was in niqab , couple of kids in the back . Now i was in a deliema, if you remember the Rajastani guys episode.. i really dont want to help strangers whom i meet on the road. More over i had only 5KD in my wallet , and it is too much of a ‘help’ . I asked my wife if she had any money , she said “NO” . I apologised to the guy and lied to him that i didn’t have any money on me, and i was sorry. He said ” any help, we dont have money to buy milk for the baby” .
Now ! i was really troubled, but again , i said ‘i am sorry’ . He got in to the car and left , it was really a Dubai registerd car. And i was feeling really bad. I wanted to stop them and give my 5KD. My wife said “NO” .
Her point was ” What are they doing in Shuwaik if they lost all the money ? ” Shouldn’t they be calling thier friends or relatives ( in Kuwait whom they have come to visit)? ” . You are a ‘easy Bakra’ (sheep) . God !! How do they find you only? .
I dont know if i did the right thing or not , but there is Bakra written over me all over for sure .

14 comments on “Rob me , im a sheep.

  1. Here lately you cannot trust hardly anyone! I mean you have a child now you have to worry about if he needs milk and food!

    I understand that they LOOKED to need it, but sometimes you JUST don’t know!! Don’t feel bad Sheep!! lol

    I stand with Drool’s on this one!!


  2. lol! no comment really, just had a laugh about it, and i think it was the right thing to do, cuz u shouldn’t trust strangers..

  3. Always better to error on the side of mercy, Grey, so bless you for having a soft heart. I am often a soft touch, too, but I have heard of this particular scam before, so I am glad you didn’t give them 5KD.

  4. Grey,
    I had met the same group couple of months before near lulu car park. I gave them 5 kd he was asking for 20 kd. When I told the incident in my office, I realized that few of my friends had similar experience.

    Don’t feel bad infant be happy that you did not fall for it.

  5. hey .. i faced this same problem 4 years ago in hawalli . a van, some kids, man asking that he came from dubai. he is asking for money, i gave him 2 bucks. he was asking me for more funds, i was like i dont.

    then left. i called a few pakistani friends i knew, he is like it was a scam.

  6. You can’t trust anyone these days. It is sad, coz if someone was telling the truth I still would not believe him.

  7. I met one lady asking for some amount to buy milk for her baby, I’m about to give her but I changed my mind when I noticed that her mobile looks more expensive than mine 😦

  8. I say keep a can of powdered milk with you at all times. That way you don’t have to be all cautious on lending them money to get it ;p

  9. I know I’m pretty late here, but I have to add my experience. I was in hawalli a week or so back at penguin having dinner when a guy knocks on my window I told him I don’t want anything and that he should just go.

    After insisting for a while, he said he works in mowasat and that he missed the last bus to ahmadi, and doesn’t know how to get there and he had just come to kuwait and doesn’t know anyone here.

    I told him to speak to his employer or call the person who brought him to the country about this problem and they SHOULD technically take care of it.

    The conversation went on that he probably didn’t understand what I meant, or he probably didn’t know how to get in touch with anyone, and he said a taxi would be too expensive and he only had 100 fils on him for the bus that was supposed to take him home.

    I told him to be careful and to get in touch with the people he knows as soon as he could and gave him 2.500 kd for the taxi so he could get home.

    I don’t know if I got scammed or not, but I chose to act in good faith, because if I was in a similar situation and in the same state as he was, I’d probably wish for someone to help.

    Funny thing is, a few minutes earlier (or after, I can’t quite remember). Those kids who sell stuff came to my car, and I just told them a big fat no, and that I didn’t want anything.

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