An ode to my mother .

My Mom Joined the Sugar Factory … if you know what i mean … No?
Finally at the age of 63 she got diabetes and is admitted in the hospital, if you think i am joking at my Mom’s illness, i am not , it had to happen someday given the family history of Both of her parents and 7 siblings had diabetes in thier early 40’s . She was the only who not had diabetes …. untill now . I spoke to her ,Asked her how she was , She was in full spirits as usual, I was breaking and she was the one who was giving courage , then she asked me, ” Please don’t tell anyone that i have Diabetes ” .. I asked her “why? ” . … She said ” i dont want people to sympathize me over this, its not something serious , good news is now i have to dip my finger in ‘Chai’ to make it sweet, dont have to buy sugar anymore ‘ .
Thats my mother, laughing even when the chips are down , I salute the courageous woman who was burdend by Asthama and a alcholic husband her entire life ( and put up with my disasterous teen years ) .
I love you Mom .
I dont say it enough ,
But i do love you .


18 comments on “An ode to my mother .

  1. My dad had had diabetes for as long as I remember and mashallah he is in his 70s now and going strong. Diabetes is a lifestyle change no more no less. It can be maintained and it has been maintained for generations & generations of people with this condition.

    I hope she does well and hope u do too.

  2. appreciate ur concer:)..
    and sorry to hear abt that..but why is she admitted??..for diabetes they wont admit no..its just a opd test..any complication???

  3. Joud : Thanks !

    Amu : Thanks yaar !

    Ansam : Thanks Again !

    MMK080 : I know its not a desease , but i panicked because there three deaths in my family because of Diabetes, they didnt care enough to take control of the sugar level , i hope my mom is wise .

    Pratap : She had wieght loss , so she did the check up , and she found that she has diabetes and it was pretty high ,so they admitted her to bring it down ( thats what i have been told, usually i get all the bad news half only , because i am away from home )

  4. Awww a very sweet courageous mum you got there..

    And I know the feeling of sympathy, I don’t even like it when people look at my son in that way and I don’t want him to feel he’s different than other kids, you know..

  5. awwwwww I love hearing me say out loud they LOVE Mom!!

    I hope and pray that it not give her a hard time!!

    Your a good hubby, daddy and Son!!


  6. My prayers are with your Mom…

    Do you know what a bitter melon is? I used to blender is for my friend who has diabetes…and it works with some meds of course!

  7. Shosho : God bless your son ,

    P-Ella : Thanks …

    Ne : We dont say it out loud , its the stupid culture you see !

    Mariposa : Thanks dear , i will tell her about bitter lemon

    Broca : No , she had weight loss it seems, i called her today and she is discharged from hospital, i know she will take care, she is (rtd) nurse .

  8. I love your mom’s spirits. Wish her a lively life with diabetes.

    and LOL @ “good news is now i have to dip my finger in ‘Chai’ to make it sweet”..hahaha

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