Certified Honest Blogger Award

Its the Award time again , My boggie Pratap who goes by the name Broca’s Area has given me this award which says ‘ CERTIFIED HONEST BLOGGER ‘ . Thank you Pratap . Now its my turn to award my fellow blogmates .. and the Award goes to , Ne , Amu, Chika-babe, Ansam , Darya .

By GreY Posted in blog

14 comments on “Certified Honest Blogger Award

  1. Thank You soooooooooooo Much!!! This is something special here!! Awwwwwwww!! Thank You so much sweetie!!! My dear brother!! haha


  2. Ne : You are welcome

    Ansam : Welcome again

    Eshdawa : Thanks

    Blasha : Oi ! i was looking for a gadget related award for you 😛 , DOnt cry pwease !

    Big Pearl : 😛

    Ray : I have a dleam ..

    Chiki : Welcome papi !

    Fa6ma : lol !

    Blasha : Oye ! dont be J … will produce a special award only for you !

    Darya : *hugs *

    Amu : 😉

    Broca : Thank You !

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